Constance Wu gets personal in new memoir, ‘Making a Scene’


Photo courtesy of Entertainment Weekly

Constance Wu released memoir “Making a Scene” on Oct. 4, 2022.

When it comes to celebrity memoirs, I’m almost always skeptical. It feels like nine times out of 10 the book is a money grab, a capitalization on storytelling for the sake of self-branding. However, when I saw Constance Wu was set to release a memoir of her own, I was overjoyed.

Funny enough, much of Wu’s work on screen is adapted from published books. The beloved Asian-American actress is known for her success in both film and TV, starring in the on-screen adaptations of Kevin Kwan’s “Crazy Rich Asians and Eddie Huang’s “Fresh Off the Boat.” Given Wu’s history of working with literature — and of all kinds, for that matter — I had high hopes for her first publication, “Making a Scene.” 

Wu took a three year long social media hiatus after receiving backlash for expressing her frustration over “Fresh Off the Boat” being renewed for another season. During this break from the virtual world, Wu took to writing a collection of 18 essays which would eventually become her newly-released book. The memoir features an anthology of deeply personal stories from over the course of her life. 

Wu’s book is more than just another celebrity memoir — it gives a voice to those whose experiences are compromised in the face of stereotypes. While Wu’s life reflects that of the first-generation Asian-American, the stories she has to tell about sexual harrassment, mental health and discrimination speak volumes to a broad audience.

On the podcast “I Weigh,” Wu and host Jameela Jamil have a profound conversation surrounding their experiences as women of color — specifically as “model minorities” in the TV and film industry. At the end of the episode, Jamil asked what Wu wanted readers to take away from her book:

“I would like people to think that if they see a public figure or even a personal figure making a scene, having a moment of gracelessness or an outburst, to think about the scenes and the context and to ask questions,” Wu said.

Intimate, honest and without the sugar coating, Wu’s “Making a Scene” is available now! I for one cannot wait to get my hands on my own copy.