Grizzlies on the Prowl

“If you could talk to the interim university president right now, what would you talk about?”


“I’d probably say something to get a good word in.”

David Golonka, health sciences, sophomore


“Parking’s a good one… how to be better accommodating.”

Casey Kepczynski, health sciences, freshman


“The cafeteria times… what’s with those?”

Rachel Crimmins, biology, freshman


“Maybe the whole situation with people not being able to live on campus.”

James Falconello, pre-biomedical studies, freshman


“The housing issue is a problem on campus. Those should be done right now.”

Cameron Allen, computer science, freshman


“I have no idea.”

Brendan Riley, communications, junior – NO PHOTO


“The smoking ban… it’s not enforced. They made it a big deal that this is a no-smoking campus; there should be more that they can do.”

Rachael Ross, computer science, second year