2022 themed Halloween costumes for the funniest friend


Photo courtesy of The Tab

The infamous Robert Pattinson photo turned meme is a top notch costume for 2022.

Now that it is officially the first week of October, it is finally socially acceptable for me to speak about Halloween in a public setting! And what else more perfectly fits into this spooky season than a Halloween costume?

You have a little under a month to put together a costume worthy enough to be showcased in front of all of your friends — a make or break moment that reveals if you truly have a good sense of humor or not.

If you suddenly just felt the pressure mounting, you’re in luck, because this year has delivered an unusually fruitful amount of pop culture moments worthy of a Halloween costume that will undoubtedly show your peers that you know where the funny is at. Or that you spend too much time on Twitter — life’s a double edged sword.

Here are a few ideas that instantly came to mind:

  1. The Wife Guy

This is a newly emerged category of horror, and arguably the frontrunner for 2022. This costume really caught its stride in the last few weeks with the new editions of Adam Levine and the least popular Try Guy — joining my fallen hero John Mulaney, who started the trend literally six days into January.

Overall, wife guys have just been dropping the ball this year — it’s tragic and it’s terrifying. But looking back, making your entire brand being about how much you love your wife does seem suspicious. What are you trying to prove in that matching sweater? 

Wife guys wear the scariest mask of all: a fake smile.

  1. The “Don’t Worry Darling” cast

Group costume bonus! There are many potential renditions of this costume, but I think one reigns supreme: the “Don’t Worry Darling” cast at the Venice Film Festival. 

So many identifying attributes of that night that can turn into costumes a little too perfectly. Chris Pine’s cute little bob. Florence Pugh’s grandmother on the red carpet. Harry Styles’s massively oversized pointy collar. Olivia Wilde’s feathery yellow dress.

For any Styles fans out there, it looks like you’re dressing as Nick Kroll, as that’s the closest you’ll ever get to locking lips with Styles (that was a burn towards myself as well.)

Bonus points for anyone who can come up with the physical manifestation of the tension in the air.

  1. That video of Drew Barrymore joyfully dancing in the rain

This one needs little to no explanation. I just think we should all aspire to be this woman.

  1. Robert Pattinson

I know what you must be thinking right now. “Batman costume, duh…” But you would be mistaken.

I am not referring to the box office smash that was 2022’s “The Batman,” I am referring to the reemergence of that cursed photo of Robert Pattinson standing in a kitchen, wearing a brown Adidas tracksuit.

The expression on his face is the perfect mixture of shock and fear to make any kid asking for candy uncomfortable. Double bonus points if one of your friends dresses up as the white refrigerator in the background — really ties in the vibe here.

Hope I helped!