Perspective: Dreaded case of ‘senioritis’ strikes one senior early this year

It’s the beginning of the end. 

Of my last semester at Oakland University.

I’ve felt the pain of commuting from 45 minutes away in blistering cold weather.

Just like a snowflake, I’ve drifted apart from my high school friends.

And of course, I have met many girls who ended up having hearts colder than the icicles hanging from the Oakland Center.

Love life aside, I have learned a lot from my experiences at OU.

I began bleeding black and gold back in 2010.

I was just a kid from Commerce who would drive halfway across the Earth twice a day to get me one of them fancy educations.

On my first day of school, I had sociology with a pompous professor who just laid on his desk and prattled on about how he was right and you were wrong.

For some reason, I felt compelled to introduce myself to this man. (Because they tell you to do that in high school.)

“Hello, I thought I’d introduce myself. I’m Scott Wolchek.”

His response:


I dropped the class.

There are multiple lessons to be learned from that story. 

1) sucks and 2) Professors will learn your name if you show even a remote interest in the material, you don’t have to do what freshman Scott did.

One of the harder lessons that I’m sure a lot of people go through is that, by my second semester, my friends were drifting apart.

I had to make some new ones.

This can be quite difficult at OU because, perhaps you have noticed, most students are commuters and don’t really stick around to talk.

I overcame these obstacles by mastering the art of the sly comment.

You know what I mean.

If I was still in that sociology class I mentioned earlier I would say:

“I like how our professor is too cool for chairs.”

Simple statements like that to the person next to you can make some easy-peasy companionship.

The other way I’ve made friends at OU was by joining a student org at the end of my junior year. (Don’t worry, I won’t get preachy on you and tell you joining an org is the experience of a lifetime.)

Getting involved actually put me in some fairly precarious situations.

The biggest was that I had to manage The Post while taking five classes at the same time.

Although you may not relate to that specifically, if you have had to balance a job or two as well as go to school, you can probably feel my pain and I can feel yours. 

I am not really sure how I got through it.

I eventually realized that the experience had changed me.

I am no longer the commuter kid who sat in the TKE corner freshman year.

I am a guy who has learned how to deal with people who hate my guts.

I am a guy who practically lives in the basement of the OC. 

I am a guy who finally found the courage to ask the girl I always had a crush on out on a date (she said no).

I am an Oakland University senior, and I just want to graduate.


Scott Wolchek is the editor-in-chief of the Oakland Post. Email him at [email protected]