‘5SOS5’ is pop perfection 


Photo courtesy of Spotify

5 Seconds of Summer dropped fifth album “5SOS5” on Sept. 23.

5SOS fam, the moment has arrived. Australian pop band 5 Seconds of Summer (5SOS) have finally dropped their highly anticipated fifth album, “5SOS5.”

Let’s go track by track reviewing these songs. Warning: tissues are required. 

“Complete Mess”

The start of an era. Such a good song. Michael Clifford’s bridge! It’s one of their best singles. 

“Easy for You to Say” 

Luke Hemmings’s vocals in this song transcend me. How can someone be so vocally gifted? The chorus goes extremely hard. 

“Bad Omens” 

Top three song for sure. The beat, the instruments, the vocals — it’s so different from their usual sound, and I love it! 

“Me, Myself and I”

My favorite out of the singles. It’s so angsty and catchy. 

“Take my Hand” 

No wonder the tour was named after this one. It’s so nostalgic — like a love letter from the band. The bridge is especially great. “Shallow hearts for shallow minds that ache to be alive,” is lyrical mastery. 


Angst. Anxiety. “Life’s just a carousel spinnin’ round?” Come on!

This song embodies the tunnel scene from “The Perks of Being a Wallflower.” I love the guitar riffs on this track. 


Wedding. Song. Playlist. The fact that Hemmings wrote this with his fiancée, Sierra Deaton, is just adorable. An ode to 1950’s love songs that’s so beautifully dark. 


Calum Hood doing the chorus just does something to me in this song. Getting Hemmings and Ashton Irwin’s harmonies is so powerful. This is in my top three. The bass, the drumming — so good.

“You Don’t Go To Parties” 

Best song on the album. My number one. It’s a Cashton song. End of story. Hood and Irwin need more songs just the two of them, because this is perfection in a song. 


Listening to this song has made me stressed and depressed. I’m in an emotional blender going through this entire album. How is a song called Blender so… good? 


“I know we melt like caramel?” Excellence. Can I steal their lyrical talent please? The drums in this song are so perfect — I’m obsessed. “Love like a landslide, I kiss you goodnight,” come on!

“Best Friends” 

4/4 vocals on a song reminiscing on 12 years of friendship? Yeah, make me cry even more, guys! 


“Everything I want is spilling down the drain,” is now my new favorite song lyric. Hemmings and Clifford trading off on the pre-chorus? Yes. 

“Red Line” 

Using the Australian train connecting their memories together? Yep, this album’s theme of brotherhood is so evident in these tracks. It’s so beautiful. 


“Without you I don’t even know myself?” Man, this album is sad. I love it. Hemmings, Irwin, Hood and Clifford pairing up on split verses? This song is just… 


I thought this song was going to make me sad — maybe talking about death, or something. Hood singing a candy pop love song was such a sweet surprise. 


Michael Clifford, I am not ok. Clifford wrote, sang and produced this song — I mean, wow. It’s a grown up version of their song “Jet Black Heart,” and I’m still in pain from this one. This one hurt. 


Bass line. Hot vocals from all four members. An upbeat track after back to back sad songs. 


An Ashton Irwin solo song? Automatic top three track. What else is there to say? 

This album is literally perfect. The instruments; the vocals from all four band members on several songs! The themes of brotherhood, love, struggles in relationships, death and not being okay are so beautifully written. This is their best album, and I’m so happy it’s in the world.

Rating: 11/10