OU got style: I dream of beanies

 Grizzlies are staying warm this winter sporting one of the latest trends-beanies.

College Fashionista, Cosmopolitan and Examiner have all declared beanies a must have trend for the winter seasons.

“I have a lot of beanies at home,” Ajahnay Taylor freshmen biology major said. “They’re knit and I love the way they look, they’re very comfortable and stylish. They can be worn with anything.”

Beanies were seen in fashion shows such as Alice & Olivia, BCBG Max Azria and Donna Karan, according to Examiner’s website.

The Look

There is no standard look for a beanie. They come in various textures, colors and styles. Examiner suggests several looks to pair with beanies to achieve a fashionable trendy look. The first idea suggested is pairing beanies with leather pants and a basic blazer.

 Another style selected to be paired with the beanie is metallic. Grunge is not the only way to go when wearing beanies. Although, an appealing aspect to beanies is covering up a potential bad hair day.

“It doesn’t matter what your hair looks like you can just wear it and out you go,” Jibran Ahmed senior international relations major said.

Frumpy to Fabulous

Although beanies are now a top trend that is worn all year round, they weren’t always popular.

Beanies originated in the 1900’s. Beanie was developed from the word “bean,” which is slang for head. Originally the beanie was associated with college students or blue-collar workers.

The college students in the 1950’s wore the hat as a form of hazing.

Blue collar workers were attracted to the brimless hats because it kept their hair out of their way without the brim getting their way.

Then the 90’s happened.

The look, which at this point, was mostly associated with boys was now being sported by girls. The beanie also began to gain a sense of style. Sports logos, school emblems, unique colors and styles started to develop. Beanies began to develop a new fame in the fashion world.

“I have a couple of beanies. They’re great because they keep you warm while staying fashionable at the same time,” Elodie Chidiac freshmen business finance major said.

The information on the history of beanies came from an article online written by Perry Mink, a business owner and writer.