Women’s Volleyball loses to Spartans in first match of Green and White Classic


Photo courtesy of Jose Juarez

Lindsay Wightman broke the school record for most career digs against Central Michigan in the Green and White Classic.

The women’s volleyball team headed over to the Breslin Center this past Friday, as they took on the Spartans, but fell short, 3-0. 

With a tough start from the Grizzlies, outside hitter Patti Cesarini found her rhythm and set the tone for the Grizzlies, scoring the very first point in set one. She also led the entire game with the most kills for the Grizzlies, with 12. 

She was out there dominating the court. Her hits were huge throughout the game and the tempo started to ignite a fire. 

She brought her high energy to the court with tenacity and great momentum, but the Spartans wouldn’t let up, closing out set one with a score of 25-14, and Oakland lost the set. 

At the start of set two, there were adjustments and it was an opportunity to redeem themselves and bounce back. The Grizzlies started to feel it by the end of this set, making it a little harder for the Spartans. 

Making a few runs, this was really a battle between the two teams. The Grizzlies started to buckle down, making better decisions and not letting the Spartans have too much leverage, keeping the score close. 

Although they came short this set, with a score of 25-19, it did look promising and improvements were seen. 

Wrapping up the final set, the Grizzlies opened up with a serve by Kennedy Dolmage. The Spartans came into the set even hungrier. 

Nothing seemed to be slowing the Spartans down. A lot of service errors in this set, in which some were in the Grizzlies’ favor. 

The final match point consisted of a huge spike to the back corner by State’s middle blocker and that sealed the deal. Michigan State won by 11, with a score of 25-14. 

Despite a 3-0 loss, it was a good run and hustle. The Grizzlies were solid down the stretch.

Doing what she does best, analyzing the game, making decisions quickly, leading, and setting up her teammates very well, was Annabelle Tomei, with 10 assists. Great things were also done by the Grizzlies’ libero, Emily Wichmann, making an impact in the game, with eight huge digs.

Her defense throughout this matchup was impressive. The Grizzlies’ efforts shouldn’t go unnoticed. They never gave up and put up a good fight to the very end. Oakland will look ahead to the next game as they face Evansville.