Homecoming: Grizzly style

Oakland University hosted several events, including decade themed evenings of fun for students

From tentgating, basketball games, and decade themed evenings, Homecoming 2014 consisted of fun-filled events to celebrate life at Oakland University. 

“We want our student community to get to experience what other universities experience,” Jean Ann Miller, director of Center for Student Activities (CSA), said. “Everyone always knows about homecoming, which is traditionally associated with football.”

This year was unique because it will be Oakland’s last winter homecoming, from now on it will be a fall event. The weather and availability of Oakland alumni played a role in that decision. 

Groove On

One of the decade themed evenings was the 70’s themed roller rink hosted by the CSA co-sponsored with Grizz Gang. The banquet rooms upstairs were transformed into a roller rink with OU in the middle. The transformation process took about two hours.

“We tried to set the food to the mood,” Miller said. “In the 70’s chex-mix and pringles were created, and so were various candies we have, Reese’s Pieces for example.”

Many Oakland students received an e-mail about the Oakland events which encouraged them to come out even in cold weather conditions. 

“I like skating. I haven’t been in so long,” Daysha Jackson, freshmen , said “I think it’s cool. I love all the different events they put on and it’s a great way to meet people.”

The skates were free for Oakland students to rent, 100 to 125 skates were requested for the evening. Because of the large turn-out skaters had to return their skates after 30 minutes of blading so other attendees could skate. 

“The 70’s themed roller rink is fun unique and different, I like it,” Kelsey Ball, junior, said. 

The next themed night took it back to the Roaring 20s—Jay Gatsby style

Casino Night was held on Saturday, January 25. The OC was transformed into a casino—Jay. Gatsby Style. 

“When I’m setting up an event I’ll set up lights with random colors to see what gives it the best pop and eye-catching appearance,” Kyler Johnson, technology director for SPB said. 

The SPB event required several collaborations on campus including; housing, Chartwells and three different companies brought in for games. 

“Planning was very stressful and I didn’t know if I could do it,” Brittany Hall, Annual Events Planner of SPB. “My committee has been awesome and having housing here to help is great. The E-board has been extremely supported. It just feels good to be in the middle of the event finally.”

Students could play slot machines, use the photo booth, get photos taken, play black jack and various other games, play wheel games, enjoy the food and watch a screening of “The Great Gatsby” in the Gold rooms. 

 “Roaring Twenties is awesome,” said Darnell Gray-Shawver Special Events Director for SPB. “I’m loving the twenties fashions; embellishments on the dresses the flapper look. People have really came dressed up very classy. That’s what I love is the fashion.”