Her Majesty: her story is still alive

Photo courtesy of Insider.com

Photo courtesy of Insider.com

Last Thursday, September 8th, 2022, the world stopped to watch the British monarchy change after almost a century. Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, died at 96, after 70 years of reigning and legacy. 

As if the world did not know enough about the Queen and her heirs, her death served as a booster of curiosity about her life and everything her reign meant throughout history. 

Queen Elizabeth II was the 61st monarch of England and Britain and became Britain’s monarch that ruled for the greatest amount of time after celebrating her Platinum Jubilee in June 2022.

For days straight, the royal family is being portrayed in many media outlets, but this exposure is not something new. Queen Elizabeth’s story was already written and rewritten, produced, and told in many different ways. Her legacy went beyond politics and governments to art and entertainment.

If you are curious to know more about Her Majesty’s life and her legacy check out this list of movies and documentaries. All of them have different views of the trajectory that transformed Elizabeth Alexandra Mary into Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, one of the most influential monarchs of British history. 


From the same creator as “The Crown”, this biopic shows the Queen and the royal family in the moments after Princess Diana’s death. The movie gave Helen Mirren the Best Actress Oscar for portraying the Queen.

Find “The Queen” to stream on HBO Max.


“The Crown” is the award-winning fictionalized trajectory of Queen Elizabeth’s life. From her wedding to Prince Philip to her son’s broken marriage, “The Crown” exposes the secrets and moments behind the doors of Westminster and Buckingham Palace.

“The Crown” is a Netflix production and it’s back in the Top 10 in the U.S. In addition to the prior seasons, the 5th season is coming on November 2022. 

Taking a different approach, “The Royal House of Windsor” summarizes 100 years of history in six episodes. From a broad perspective, this docuseries goes from World War I to the tragedy of Princess Diana.  

Find “The Royal House of Windsor” to stream on Netflix. 


Made of rare archive footage and interviews with experts, this documentary tells the story of Queen Elizabeth beginning from the death of her father to William and Kate’s marriage.

This documentary is available to watch on Amazon Prime.

Being married to Prince Phillipe was a meaningful part of Queen Elizabeth’s life. On the awakening of his death, “Prince Philip: An Extraordinary Life” was produced to remember and honor the Prince’s life story, in which the Queen has a direct presence.

Find “Prince Philip: An Extraordinary Life” to stream on Netflix. 

Another influential relationship in the Queen’s life was with her sister. Elizabeth’s only sibling, Princess Margaret, represents a side of the monarchy different than what we see through Elizabeth. The documentary is a more specific and niched view of the Windsor family since it lightens the relationship between the royal sisters.

The documentary film can be watched on Netflix. 

The most recent production of the list, “Elizabeth: The Unseen Queen,” follows rare private moments from the Queen’s life. The documentary puts together exclusive home videos directly from the Windsor family archives of the Queen’s engagement, her trips, and more. 

You can find this production on BBC Select through Amazon.


From movies to documentaries, fiction to home videos, raw truth to the scripted plot, the truth is that there are many ways to learn about Queen Elizabeth and her family. Now, after the Queen’s death, these productions will become a memoir to remember and honor her life and journey. 

It is not hard to choose what to watch. So open your favorite platform, choose between all perspectives available, and learn about this ever-changing and never-ending British monarchy.