OU sponsors 2014 North American International Auto Show app

By Ali DeRees

In partnership with Local 4 WDIV, Oakland University is the official sponsor of the 2014 North American International Auto Show app. The app provides a banner advertisement for OU; specifically it’s Engineering and Computer Science programs.

The goal of this sponsorship was to use the popularity of the Auto Show to “continue to drive our brand as a premier institution of higher education,” said Associate Vice President of Communications and Marketing John Young.

Interactive Marketing Director Bryan Cain led staff members from the communications and marketing team in working on interactive media, design and marketing professionals, according to Young. This work was done in conjunction with the tech team at Click on Detroit.com, said Young.


Gaining exposure

He said the sponsorship cost approximately $65,000. He also noted that OU sponsored the same app in 2013 and was also involved in the 2013 Detroit Grand Prix in June.

Young described how the app provides exposure for Oakland University.

“The sponsorship of the app includes exposure and mentions on WDIV (channel 4) news broadcasts and auto show commercials,” Young said.

Each time a user logs in to the app a banner ad is displayed with Oakland University content Young said.

Sponsorships like this do not come solely from the university’s communications and marketing team, according to Young.

“OU’s Communications and Marketing team looks at all sponsorships and considers each of them carefully with Enrollment Services and related academic unit,” Young said

Young said he sees a lot of potential and promise in digital marketing. Smart phone applications, social media, and digital display campaigns “have proven to be highly successful with OU’s target demographics,” Young said.

This not only includes current undergraduate and graduate students, but potential student influencers, alumni, and donors, according to Young.

Though the app provides national exposure for OU, not many students knew of the apps existence or the sponsorship.


Students react

Senior and Secondary Education Major in History Rebecca Churray attended the Auto Show this past Friday.

“I didn’t know the Auto Show had an app until I got there and saw a sign for it,” Churray said.

Churray said she liked the app but said it had its limitations.

“The app was pretty cool, it wasn’t very fast and didn’t work in all areas of Cobo because service wasn’t that great,” Churray said.

Churray said she would have liked to see advertising of the app on campus or perhaps discounts to the show for students.

Overall, Churray enjoyed her experience at the show.

“It was one of the best auto shows I’ve been to,” Churray said.