‘An Offer from a Gentlemen’ offers a dazzling Cinderella retelling

Here we are — the third book in the Bridgerton series. This time, it’s Benedict’s turn. The second oldest brother gets his turn at finding a partner in Julia Quinn’s stunning Cinderella reimagining. 

This will be a spoiler-free review. 

Benedict Bridgerton, the second eldest child in this distinguished family, sets his sights on a mysterious maiden at his mother’s birthday ball. (Here comes Sophie!) The way Quinn sets up the characters’ meet cute is everything I want in a story. The. Glove. Scene. Please, someone take me to a Bridgerton ball! 

Sophie Beckett is not just a typical kind-hearted heroine that inspires a lot of these Cinderella rewrites and remakes. She has a backstory that makes people want to root for her. It’s integral to her setting, and how that influences her relationship with Benedict, which Quinn writes so well. 

Quinn is such a good writer when it comes to character backstories. We’re introduced to Sophie’s terrible stepfamily and home life right at the beginning of the book. Right off the bat, we discover that Sophie’s dark secret is something that has serious consequences. 

Benedict and Sophie are a hard couple at the beginning. They meet at Lady Bridgerton’s birthday ball, with Sophie in disguise as her stepmother and stepsisters are also in attendance. The scene where Sophie discovers that the masked man is in fact Benedict is adorable. 

The way Quinn uses physical description to show distinct differences between the Bridgerton siblings and Sophie’s thoughts of remembering Benedict and Benedict’s thoughts of remembering Sophie months after the ball is beautiful. Quinn, I aspire to have your talent for artistic description in my writing — you are a master. 

Besides the romance, there are so many memorable moments and relationships throughout the book. Eloise, the fifth Bridgerton sibling, and Benedict have a beautiful dynamic as the more rebellious siblings. With Anthony as a viscount, Benedict doesn’t have the responsibilities of fathering heirs, so he blows off life. Eloise wants more out of life. 

Benedict, Anthony and Colin are the three eldest Bridgerton siblings. Their brotherly dynamic was greatly appreciated. It was fun reading about how while they’re all in different life stages — with Anthony being married, Benedict potentially having feelings for Sophie and Colin avoiding his life by traveling — they are still relatively close. 

Sophie and Benedict are an adorable couple born into two different families and social classes. While Benedict was surrounded by love and warmth, Sophie had the direct opposite experience. Seeing them learn about each other and themselves through their different journeys was very interesting to read about. 

Benedict and Sophie are in different social classes, therefore their marriage would bring about scandal. Reading the two of them beating all odds and learning to let themselves love each other no matter how hesitant and resistant they feel puts readers on edge to see what happens. 

I understand why fans wanted Benedict to be the focus of Season 3. He’s such an interesting character, not to mention the fact that Netflix is going out of book order. Hopefully, fans will get a little tease of Benedict and Sophie’s story when Season 3 drops. 

Rating: 4/5