Anver the eccentric

By Katie Winkler

Broadway Star Will Perform at OU

Mime Avner Eisenburg tells stories using his body language and props, including sleight of hand magic, clowning and juggling. These factor into his physical comedy performance, filling the auditoriums with laughter and applause. Avner the Eccentric in Exceptions to Gravity will be coming to the Varner Recital Hall on Thursday at 7:30PM.

After stumbling upon theatre on accident, Eisenburg began building his skills and making huge marks on the performing world.

“I got caught in a thunderstorm one day [on campus] and I went into the closest building, which turned out to be the theatre hall. I ended up getting a part in a play and that was the beginning,” Eisenburg said.

In 1984, his performance was noted as the first single physical comedy clown act to play on Broadway. Eisenburg continued performing and running workshops throughout 29 countries. With no words during his performance, he is able to use his acts around the world, and provoke laughter from all ages.

“It is a unique style of performing. He’s a clown, but not the kind people think,” Theatre Professor Anthony Guest said. “The clown technique is an acting technique that you tell stories through your body and there is comedy. He is guaranteed to make you laugh.”

According to Guest, students should come and watch Eisenburg’s performance because “his electrical pull will suck you into his whole world he has created and take you on a ride that you would never of expected.”

Cost of entry for Oakland students is $10, and $20 for the general public. Tickets can be purchased by Star Tickets at (800) 585-3737, online ( or in person at the Varner box office or the Center for Student Activities service window in the Oakland Center. For more information on Eisenburg’s performances and history, you can go to