Harry Styles releases ‘Late Night Talking’ music video


Harry Styles has finally dropped the second music video from his new album “Harry’s House,” this time for his second single “Late Night Talking.”

Olivia Chiappelli, Arts Editor

Harry Styles has finally dropped the second music video from his new album “Harry’s House,” this time for his second single “Late Night Talking.”

I have been waiting for this moment ever since I first saw those paparazzi photos of him riding around in a giant bed in front of Buckingham Palace last February.

The music video was directed by the LA based duo Bradley & Pablo, who previously directed Styles’s music video for “Watermelon Sugar” off of his previous album “Fine Line.”

Styles wears a series of Gucci looks in the video — including pieces from the Gucci Love Parade Collection and custom designs by his frequent collaborator Alessandro Michele of Gucci — and is styled by his long term stylist Harry Lambert. 

The video opens with a peek inside Harry’s House with Styles waking up in bed alone wearing custom pink and tan polka dot Gucci pajamas and blue socks, his hands feeling around in search of the person who has presumably left him alone after the night before.

He looks around in disillusioned confusion before diving head first into a hole in the center of his bed “Down the Rabbit-Hole” style — Mario sound effects included — and the journey begins.

The next scene finds him crawling on his hands and knees through a tunnel of sheets, now wearing a set of custom brown and blue polka dot Gucci pajamas and bright red socks topped off with his now signature Éliou Mazzy Necklace in a shade of clear blue.

The video follows Styles bed hopping from one location to another, with him first singing under the covers of an extra wide bed alongside an array of beautiful people. We then cut to him waking up in a bed on display in the middle of an art exhibit, with Styles now pulling a Gucci Spring 2022 Cream Shawl Collar Jacket over his custom pajamas with a matching Gucci Silk Flower Boutonniere.

The scene references Tracey Emin’s art installation “My Bed,” with its gallery setting making for an interesting commentary on how a celebrity’s private life is often on public display. 

Styles then pulls a red and white checkered napkin out of his jacket pocket and tucks it into the collar of his pajama shirt as he transports to a spaghetti date à la “Lady and the Tramp.”

Cut to the spotlight on Styles watching a show in a theater seated in an ornate bed fit into the box seats. With one peer through those tiny opera glasses, he is finally transported into that long awaited scene of him riding in that giant bed down London’s Mall in front of Buckingham Palace.

A pillow fight breaks loose with feathers floating as Styles makes his final appearance in a vast field of golden grasses. He is seated on a gilded four post bed where he serves as the officiant of a wedding while wearing a Gucci Spring 2022 Herringbone Coat and matching Silk Flower Boutonniere.

The sky suddenly turns dark and the in-bed nuptials are interrupted by a thunderstorm, and with one pan Styles is nowhere to be found. This is because he is now falling through the thundering sky in his giant bed, trying to stay onboard.

The sky begins to clear as the song comes to an end, with Styles left cozy in bed as he sails down through the soft sky after a long night of late night talking.

Watch the video for “Late Night Talking” here.