‘A Show for Two’ – a rom com must read


“A Show for Two” by New York Times bestselling author Tashie Bhuiyan

Tashie Bhuiyan does it again! The Bangladeshi-American “Counting Down with You” writer dazzles in her sophomore coming-of-age, romantic comedy. This Young Adult (YA) rom com will have readers squealing with joy (and Swifties singing Cornelia Street) long after finishing the can’t-put-down story.  

This review will be spoiler-free for those of you who want to go check this out! If you haven’t added this to your TBR, I suggest doing it soon. 

Keeping with Bhuiyan’s record of having relatable, no nonsense protagonists, Mina Rahman joins the “Bhuiyan-verse” (yes, I’m calling it that) as one of my favorite YA protagonists. She’s witty, sarcastic and passionate — but that doesn’t mean she’s without her flaws, which makes her a well rounded, interesting character to follow.

YA protagonists seem to fall into one of two camps: Mary Sue or terribly unlikeable. I think having an imperfect character makes audiences want to see their arcs unfold. 

The other characters are interesting to follow, as well — in true Tashie fashion, love interest Emmitt isn’t just a love interest, but rather has his own interesting background as an up and coming actor. Mina’s sister and best friend get to be their own characters, too, instead of simply existing to support the main lead. Honestly, it’s one of my favorite parts about Tashie’s books, and I wish to emulate it in mine. 

While the plot follows a classic enemies-to-lovers trope, “A Show for Two” throws the characters into the midst of chaotic events, leading their romance to develop as more of a slow burn.

Mina, a high school senior, wants to win her school’s film competition to get into the college of her dreams. The problem? She needs a star. 

Mina and Emmitt make a deal: Emmitt will help Mina with her film competition if she will help him with his photography contest. We get to see how their family dynamics mirror each other as they start to bond. It’s written in a way that feels authentic, not rushed.

The pining. The desperation to see them actually admit their feelings? Golden. Their romance is one for the books!

Not only is “Counting Down with You” a diverse story — “A Show for Two” is, as well. We get characters of different races, cultures and orientations, making the story feel grounded and real. Tashie’s writing is so carefully crafted that her stories feel like there’s something for everyone in this book. 

This book takes pieces from Bhuiyan’s own childhood and struggles with her family, culture and religious identity, delving into Mina and her sister’s near constant issues with their parents and identity. This book hits on topics that seem unfamiliar — especially in a YA Romance book — adding a sense of depth to these characters that make you want to read more. 

If you are a Taylor Swift fan, read this book immediately. It feels like a Taylor Swift song — it’s beautiful, the epitome of Swift’s Lover album vibes. There’s even a scene involving “Cornelia Street” in a climax so gorgeous (fully intended) that I’m still gushing over it – this one’s for the Swifties. 

Rating: 4/5