Artstrology: A Song for Your Sign — June 2022

The main theme of the recent major astrological events we have undergone is information saturation and the communication of it. Cancer season — beginning on Tuesday, June 21 — starts off strong with Venus entering witty, fickle-hearted Gemini on Wednesday, June 22. Toward the end of June, we are greeted with yet another retrograde — Neptune in Pisces on Tuesday, June 28 – along with a new moon in Cancer.

Retrogrades normally get a bad rep, but don’t be afraid this time around — this transit offers heightened, clarified intuition. As the season persists, you’ll warm up to your surroundings around mid-July.

With that being said, here’s my predictions for each of the signs and a corresponding song to get you through the road ahead:

Aries: Through the month of June, you are grinding day in, day out — but come the middle of Cancer season, your home planet, Mars, moves into steady Taurus. Don’t let this change of pace break your stride! Take a break and get grounded with mxmtoon’s “coming of age,” the perfect backtrack for a transition like this.

Taurus: Come Cancer season, you’ll be feeling pretty ambitious. You‘ll find yourself in more stimulating conversations in the coming weeks. It’s all about collaboration and creativity this season, so hype yourself with “Venus Fly Trap” by MARINA.

Gemini: As the Sun moves through your second house, you‘ll start experiencing some financial confidence! Use “STUPID BIG TEETH” by EMMY to manifest prosperity this Cancer season.

Cancer: This season is all about you, birthday babe! I think you’ll love listening to Latto’s “Big Energy” this season. This song is perfect at empowering its listener with feel-good energy.

Leo: The next few weeks are going to be pretty lowkey for you, so take this time to focus on yourself. Patiently waiting isn‘t the most exhilarating activity, so listen to “Marvelous” by Wallows to help pass the time.

Virgo: You‘re inspired to serve the greater good this season. That‘s a pretty big endeavor, but you‘ll find yourself taking up the opportunity to nurture the connections already present in your life. Take a listen to “Let’s go to Hell“ by Tai Verdes this season (AKA the perfect anthem for taking risks with your partner-in-crime).

Libra: You‘re beginning to take bigger career steps as Cancer season approaches. Keep the momentum going with the motivation of Trixie Mattel and her song “C’mon Loretta.”

Scorpio: This period of time is going to push you out of your comfort zone, so buckle up and get ready to learn. The journey ahead requires that you play the song of the summer on repeat — Alexa, loop “As It Was” by Harry Styles.

Sagittarius: Cancer season is a deep, reflective time for you, as the Sun is entering your house of growth and transformation. Your mental stamina was tested this year, but this season brings much needed, well-deserved fun. Relax and cultivate your peak energy this season with “Jodie” by SZA.

Capricorn: The Sun is in your house of partnerships — the good, the bad and the ugly — making this a very social season for you. Any strong opinions or feelings in an active relationship of yours feel illuminated at this time. The vibey love song “sun and moon“ by anees is your track for this season.

Aquarius: Your life this season will feel more structured than you‘re used to, but don‘t let the unfamiliar stress you out. A song you might love (and relate to) this season is “Parent Trap“ by Jack Harlow (feat. Justin Timberlake).

Pisces: Sit back and enjoy yourself this season, Pisces — this is a time to keep your inner child entertained with playful, creative hobbies, new and old. Add “Baby Boo” by Muni Long (with Saweetie) to your playlist to buy into the romantic themes Cancer season is bringing you this year.