What we know so far about the Percy Jackson TV series

Another popular book series that I love is getting adapted into a series. This one is for the Greek mythology fans! Rick Riordan’s popular book series, ‘Percy Jackson and the Olympians’ is becoming a TV series!  Here is what we know so far about the show.

‘Percy Jackson and the Olympians’ is the first five books of the Riordan verse book series. The titular character, Percy Jackson, a twelve-year-old boy in Manhattan discovers that he’s a demigod, meaning he has one mortal parent, and one parent that is a character from Greek mythology. He meets Annabeth Chase and Grover Underwood and follows their adventures throughout the pentalogy.

The series has been praised for its heroic use of neurodivergent characters, which is almost nonexistent in the media. Riordan originally wrote the series as a bedtime story for his neurodiverse son, who has ADHD. The demigods are all written as neurodiverse, with many having ADHD and Dyslexia inherited from their godly parents. They’re seen as superpowers, not hindrances. The series was groundbreaking for neurodiversity in fantasy, especially for the early 2000s.

The first season of the show will drop on Disney +, although it is unconfirmed when the show will air. Rumors say that the series will premiere some time in 2023, so maybe fans don’t have that long to wait. The first season, which will be eight episodes long, will cover the first book. Filming and production for ‘Percy Jackson and the Olympians’ will begin in summer of 2022.

While there has been confirmation of casting and directors, we also know that Riordan himself will be helping write the script for at least the first episode. When transitioning books to the screen, it’s important to have the author on set, or else we end up with the interesting adaptation of the books we got in the movies that no one wants to remember.

Fans now know some of the directing team that will be working on the series. Brendan Heffernan (The Hobbit, Thor Ragnarok, Jojo Rabbit), Sandra-Ken Freeman (Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Charmed), Scott Kukurudz (The Adam Project, A Series of Misfortunate Events, Once Upon a Time, Peter Pan and Wendy), Peter Whyte (Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Bates Motel, Tron:Legacy, Diary of a Wimpy Kid), and  Magali Briand (Are You Afraid of the Dark, YellowJackets, The Stand) are some of the directors and assistant directors confirmed to be joining the team for ‘Percy Jackson and the Olympians’.

Casting is the part that fans were desperately waiting for, ever since the show was announced. There have been many fancasts and theories over who was going to portray our favorite trio. Finally, we have our trio!

The titular role of Percy Jackson will be played by ‘The Adam Project’ star Walker Scobell. Our favorite satyr Grover Underwood will be played by Aryan Simhadri, and last but not least, our wise girl Annabeth Chase will be played by Leah Jeffries.