OCC students can transfer more credits for graphic design degree programs at OU


Photo courtesy of Oakland News

Britt Rios-Ellis, OU Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs, and Jennifer Berne, OCC Provost, respectively, at the signing ceremony at OU.

Leticia Cezário Santos, Marketing Director

Leaders from Oakland Community College (OCC) and Oakland University took part in a signing ceremony on April 7, 2022, adopting a new transfer articulation agreement between both schools to create a simpler and more cost-efficient path for students to complete associate and bachelor’s degrees in graphic design.  

In a world that is each day more digitized, a career in graphic design can be an excellent way to combine art, technology and communication. According to Indeed, these professionals are needed on many projects in a variety of fields. Majoring in this field gives students a diverse array of knowledge, from artistic principles to proficiency in design programs and software.  

The agreement increases the number of transferable graphic design credits from 16 to 20. This credit increase benefits students by enabling them to save money through completing their associate’s degrees at OCC, after which point they will only have around 44 credits left to complete to earn their bachelor’s degree at OU.

The agreement will be effective until November 30, 2026, and is scheduled to be reviewed for renewal after five years.

“These seamless pathways continue to help students achieve their educational goals while preparing them to make a positive impact on the workforce,” Director of Undergraduate Admissions at OU  Shane Lewis told OU News. 

Besides this agreement for the graphic design major specifically, OU also offers additional ways to facilitate the transferring process to the university. First is the Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) for OCC students — more information on this guarantee can be found at  oakland.edu/transfers.

Second, there are many scholarships for community college transfer students varying from $2,000 for two years — as with the OU Transfer Grant — to $10,000 for two years  — as with the Presidential Transfer Award. These scholarships are given based on GPA and completed credits. 

All this support means easier college access for the region’s state college students. OU recognizes that many of them are the first generation in their families to seek higher education so every effort to facilitate transferring or choosing a major is essential to these students.