What’s in you car: Stephanie Shatzer


By Ali DeRees

Whether a commuter or not, at some point in your college career you’ll be living out of your car. Clothes and shoes either strewn in the backseat or neatly folded in a duffle bag, a deodorant stick in the side arm compartment, and a dozen or so air-fresheners clipped to your visors.

If you’re a girl, there’s a specific purpose and story behind every one of your backseat belongings. Junior and Secondary Education Major in Math Stephanie Shatzer can relate to this. The White Lake resident gave great detail while discussing what is inside her black 2001 Ford Focus.

“It’s a hot mess is really what it is,” Shatzer said.

Sitting on the floor behind the drivers seat is a gallon of frozen glue that Shatzer says has been there for two months.

Shatzer says the glue was for a project to make silly putty in one of her education classes.

“We definitely didn’t need a gallon,” Shatzer said with a laugh.

One of the more standard items found in Shatzer’s car is a set of jumper cables. They are her boyfriend Matthew Jerore’s and he was the one who taught her how to use them. Shatzer says they definitely have come to good use.

“I had to jump it four times in one day…then I decided to get a new battery,” Shatzer said.

Before she went to get the new battery she had to give the old battery one last jump with the help of her mom.

Beneath the passenger seat, there is a binder from Shatzer and her boyfriend’s trip to Chicago last summer.

The binder has nearly everything from the trip, including gas receipts and tickets from visiting the Willis Tower, according to Shatzer.

“I keep meaning to scrap book it, but you know how that goes,” Shatzer said with a chuckle.

Hanging from the rear view mirror is a cross, a bedazzled peace sign, and Shatzer’s high school graduation tassel.

Her center console cup holders are filled with some of a girl’s essentials, lipstick and earrings. LOTS of earrings according to Shatzer.

“It’s all of my morning things, or if I need a mid day touch up,” Shatzer said.

On the floor of Shatzer’s passenger seat there are coins scattered everywhere.

Shatzer said one time she gave her boyfriend’s brother Michael Jerore a ride and he was shocked at the sight of the inside of her car. She said that he knows her to be a very organized person, so this was definitely out of the norm.

“His face was priceless,” Shatzer said. “He started picking up change off the floor and didn’t know where to put it.”