‘A Weekend Away:’ girls trip gone wrong


Photo courtesy of Netflix

“A Weekend Away” is streaming now on Netflix.

Going on a girls trip with your best friend is something girls always dream about doing, but in the movies for some reason, one of them always ends up dead. In Netflix’s new thriller movie, “The Weekend Away” we see just how wrong a girls trip can go.

The movie is based off the the book “The Weekend Away” that came out on July 23, 2022 which seems to be a quick turnaround from book to movie. 

“The Weekend Away” is about two best friends, Beth (Leighton Meester) and Kate (Christina Wolfe), who take a trip to Croatia. Kate really wants this weekend to be about Beth letting loose and taking chances. 

It wasn’t until the two friends go to a bar and Beth wakes up with a bad hangover, no memories and a missing best friend. The only thing she can remember is Zain (Ziad Bakri) the taxi driver and some random men at the bar.

Beth and Zain work together to unravel what truly happened that night, with many interviews with the police, and Beth letting her husband know she is extending her trip until Kate is found. The story jumps back and forth between who did it. 

In this film, everyone is a suspect and everyone should be questioned because anyone could be capable of killing Kate. Beth always seemed to be at the top of the suspect list, knowing within herself she was innocent she was not giving up, even if that meant losing everything.

While the acting isn’t always the best throughout the film and feels a little cheesy at times, the cry scenes were just so bad. The plot moved fast and kept the audience engaged — there was always something going on.

The movie overall was beautiful to look at, the location of the film was so nice and each shot looked well put together throughout the whole film.

There were plenty of plot twists too — I found myself jumping back and forth about who I thought killed Kate and every person seemed to make sense, until I thought about someone else being the killer. 

But it still classifies as a Netflix thriller, and a Netflix thriller can only be so good. The movie obviously wanted to be a thriller so bad that the director tried to toss in tons of storylines and different twists — it becomes repetitive.

These dumb little Netflix thrillers are so fun to watch with other people though so you can discuss some of the absurd plot twists and events that happen, like come on — using face ID on a dead person? We all know your eyes have to be open to unlock an iPhone.

But this isn’t going to be a movie that sticks with me, it just doesn’t have anything to make it stand out. 

Although, I haven’t seen Meester in anything since “Gossip Girl” and I almost didn’t recognize her without a headband on. Of course she looks as good as ever and I hope to see her in more soon. 

Overall, the film was a quick and easy watch — only an hour and 29 minutes. It was simple and light, not graphic at all and was a nice movie to watch.

Rating: 3/5 stars