Entrepreneurs In Action brings like-minded students together


Photo courtesy of Pexels

Entrepreneurs in Action is a great organization for student entrepreneur leaders to form a strong network, according to GrizzOrgs.

Joseph Popis, Sports Reporter

The organization Entrepreneurs In Action (EIA) focuses on student entrepreneurship by bringing students together to build strong networks. EIA has organized various virtual guest speaker sessions with entrepreneurs, and meets on Fridays from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Advisor of EIA and Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship at OU, Dr. Jae Kang, states that through this organization, students will be able to learn how to become an entrepreneur. In addition, they can use what they have learned in the classroom and apply it in the business world.

“Students will gain practical knowledge and know how to become an entrepreneur,” Kang said. “They can apply what they have learned in the classroom into the real business world, and they can try to solve the real business problems.”

EIA President, Prudhvi Raj Rongali, mentioned this organization aims to unite students with entrepreneurial mindsets. Students within this organization can learn through guest speaker sessions as well as gain networking opportunities.

Besides gaining insight and building networks, students can also participate in competitive events with other university organizations, Rongali mentions. He believes these experiences will add value to students by exposing them to entrepreneur leaders.

Dr. Kang highlights that the organization helps students explore processes such as creating new ventures and searching for business opportunities.

“EIA aims to help students to explore the process for creating new ventures — including ideation [and the] search for business opportunities,” Kang said, “Students join clubs to meet other students and entrepreneurs get involved in meaningful entrepreneurial activities.”

Rongali’s involvement within this organization was due to the networking opportunities it offers. Rongali also wants to embark on his own startup, as this organization helps him with that.

Additionally, through Kang’s experience as an advisor of EIA, he has met passionate students and learned from entrepreneurs.

“As an advisor, I have gained several opportunities to meet passionate students and learn from great entrepreneurs,” Kang said. “I am very excited to work together with them and support their entrepreneur journeys.”

Dr. Kang’s visions for future entrepreneurial opportunities within the organization can be found here at Entrepreneurial Opportunities for EIA on YouTube. To learn more about this organization or to become involved, contact [email protected].