How to feel about the abilities in ‘Kirby and the Forgotten Land’


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Bridget Janis reviews “Kirby and the Forgotten Land.”

“Kirby and the Forgotten Land” has been released on the Nintendo Switch, and fans are just raving over all the abilities and hats that Kirby gets to wear throughout the game.


This ability just takes a lot to use and almost just isn’t worth it. The charge time to be able to shoot is a long build up and doesn’t do nearly as much damage as you’d expect for such a long build up. But as you go through the evolutions, charging up the shot doesn’t take as long but it doesn’t do as much damage still. This is the second cutest hat that Kirby wears in the game.


This is the classic ability that everyone knows and loves when it comes to a Kirby game. While the ability is super short-ranged, it can still do a lot of damage. Some of the evolutions of this ability seem to take a while to charge up, but Kirby does look cute holding the hammer and having a little headband.


There are the fire and ice abilities which remind me of Mario Bro games and having those abilities on there. This ability is so nice to use, just shooting fire at your enemies, you don’t have to get too close, which is a nice part of it. Kirby on fire looks nice too, almost like he’s Katniss from the “Hunger Games.” 


Ice allows you to freeze your enemies solid in a cube of ice, where you can kick them and they shatter (just like if you were to have this ability in a Mario Bros game). It’s basic, not most exciting to get but necessary in icy levels since it does help Kirby not glide along the ice. Kirby’s hat during this ability is such a ice queen moment.


This ability is hard to use, it’s like you have two options stand very close and hit with the bomb or throw the bomb. But the problem with throwing it means you have to stand still, and therefore it feels inconvenient. But I prefer just carrying a bomb and hitting the enemies close up, so I like using this power. I don’t really like the wizard hat that comes with this ability, not the cutest.


This power allows Kirby to be able to dive into the ground and keep him safe from any threats about to attack him. Then he is able to come up and cause damage to an enemy. Overall this power is very powerful and during the evolutions just gets more powerful. Now when it comes to the hat, not the worst but definitely not my favorite.


Okay, heals Kirby. Not much else to talk about besides that, I wouldn’t prioritize this ability at all. Easier to find food throughout the levels to heal Kirby instead. But the hat that Kirby wears during this time, so precious looking!!!


By far the best ability you can have during the Kirby game. It’s the most effective and easiest ability to use. The response time is fast and can be used in many different kinds of attacks. It has a lot of variation as an ability and is my favorite one to receive. This ability also looks the cutest on Kirby, the little hat just melts my heart.

Now it’s important to note, all of these abilities can evolve into stronger versions of each one. There are up to three evolutions and the abilities can change in the slightest ways, with the power being slightly higher and being able to rapid fire use the ability becoming easier. 

“Kirby and the Forgotten Land” also has plenty of things for Kirby to eat and become, such as cars, traffic cones, vending machines, grills, stairs and many more. These are super fun throughout the whole game and add another layer of things to look forward to while playing. The car is truly the best thing Kirby can get a mouthful of, but the cone has a special place in my heart.