Softball sweeps weekend series against Purdue-Fort Wayne


Jose Juarez

Lauren Griffith had two RBIs in game one of the Oakland softball team’s weekend series against Purdue-Fort Wayne. Photo courtesy of OU Athletics.

The Oakland University Golden Grizzlies softball team went 3-0 in a three-game series against the Purdue-Fort Wayne Mastodons on April 1-2 at the Purdue-Fort Wayne Softball Field in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Game One

The Golden Grizzlies’ began the series with a slow start. By the end of the first inning, the scoreboard remained scoreless.

In the second inning, the Mastodons managed to secure the lead after an Oakland fielding error allowed Emma McMillan to score.

Purdue-Fort Wayne’s 1-0 lead did not last for long. When it was their turn to bat, the Golden Grizzlies quickly loaded the corners. With players within scoring position, Cammie Brumitt blasted a two-run RBI double to left field.

Lauren Griffith followed Brummitt with another RBI double, pushing Oakland’s lead to 3-1. The rally continued for the Golden Grizzlies with dual singles from Jen Krizka and Shannon Carr, allowing another run to score.

Now leading 4-1, the Golden Grizzlies were determined to continue their momentum in the third inning. With two teammates in scoring position, Griffith drilled yet another RBI double to grow the Golden Grizzlies’ lead to 6-1.

After a scoreless fifth inning, the Oakland team continued to play hard. An RBI single from Brummitt propelled Oakland’s lead to 7-1, securing the Golden Grizzlies win.

Game Two

The Mastodons began the second game of the series strong. With two teammates on base, Sonia Solis blasted an RBI single to center field, allowing the Mastodons to take an early 1-0 lead.

Jen Krizka began the second inning for Oakland with a homer out of the park, allowing the Oakland team to tie the game 1-1.

At the top of the third inning, Krizka approached the plate once again and earned another run for the Golden Grizzlies with an RBI single to the middle field.

In the fifth inning, the Mastodons battled offensively. Brooke Wintlend hit a two-run RBI single for  PFW, allowing them to regain the lead with a score of 3-2.

The Golden Grizzlies used this setback to fuel their fire. Maci Brown fired an RBI single to shortstop to tie up the game 3-3.

Madison Jones kept the game rolling for the Golden Grizzlies with an RBI single to second base, allowing the Oakland team to regain the lead. Brummitt followed up Jones’ hit with an RBI single to right field, securing the Golden Grizzlies’ second win of the series with a score of 5-3.

Game Three

Oakland began their last game of the series looking bright. Madison Jones led off the team with a bunt towards third base, good for a single.

Jones advanced to third base, after a steal and a sacrifice hit from Brummitt. With Jones in scoring position, Griffith slugged an RBI fly to the outfield, giving Oakland the 1-0 advantage.

The game remained 1-0 until the fourth inning. Brummitt grew the Golden Grizzlies’ lead to 2-0 with an RBI double to left field.

Oakland continued to gain momentum in the fifth. Jones doubled her team’s lead with a two-run homer to left field.

The Mastodons remained scoreless until the last inning when an RBI single to right field from the bat of Epiphany Hang allowed her team to score a run. However, PFW’s fire burned out as quickly as it started, allowing the Golden Grizzlies to win the game 4-1.

Oakland will play their next game at Michigan State University at 5 p.m. on April 5 in East Lansing Oakland must be prepared for a ‘battle of the bats’ as they face the skilled Spartans, a team that overpowered the Golden Grizzlies offensively earlier this season.