Water polo club holds first-ever Black and Gold scrimmage

Adam Kujawski

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The Oakland University water polo club held its first ever Black and Gold game at the OU rec center on February 9.  The club scrimmaged against itself for two hours and the event was open to all fans.

Junior Kara Siedlik is the club’s secretary and has been a member for two years.  She was excited for the scrimmage and thinks this is the next step in growing the club.

“There are so many people using the pool, it’s difficult for us to get pool time,” she said.  “This is something we’re really looking forward to.”

Vice President Brittany Lang, a junior and a three-year club veteran, thinks this event will help water polo gain a higher profile.

“I’d like it if people got hyped for water polo,” Lang said.  “I want fans to treat it like any other sport on campus.”

The co-ed club is in its fifth year of existence and is constantly looking to add new students.  Early on, only four people belonged — now there are 35 members.

“We don’t hold tryouts, everyone is welcome,” Siedlik said.  “Even if you can hardly swim, don’t be intimidated — we’ll teach you.”

As the club grows, its members are hopeful for bigger opportunities when more competitions will become available.

“Next year we’re hoping to join the CWPA (Collegiate Water Polo Association),” Lang said.  “Once we’re a part of it, we’ll have access to additional tournaments.”

As of right now, the club plays in one tournament per semester.  This semester’s tournament is the Lake Erie Classic, which is to be held in Cleveland on April 12 and 13.

In order to pay for equipment, transportation and tournament costs, the club does charge $50 per semester in club dues, hosts occasional fundraisers and receives moderate funding from the school.

“It all depends which league we are in and how big of a club we are,” Lang said.  “The more interest there is, the more the school will help us out.”

By holding events like Sunday’s, recruiting new members and expanding into official water polo associations, the water polo club at OU is steadily gaining traction on campus.

“My biggest goal is to get people to know we exist,” Siedlik said.  “When I mention I’m in the water polo club, people are always surprised. They don’t even know we have a club.”