OneStream Panel to provide insight into tech industry


Photo courtesy of Women in Business on GrizzOrgs

On March 30, Women in Business is hosting a panel with anel discussion with OneStream Software LLC to explore careers in technology.

Joseph Popis, Sports Reporter

Next week on March 30, from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m., join a panel discussion with OneStream Software LLC — presented by Women in Business. Five panelists, including their recruiting manager and recruiting administrator, will be in attendance. Students can interact with the panelists and ask questions throughout the event.

Founded in 2010, OneStream Software LLC is a software company headquartered in Rochester, MI. OneStream is sending several representatives in various positions to discuss workplace culture, services, and career paths within the industry.

Vice-President of Women in Business and organizer of this event, Julia Jodoin, highlighted their mission of spreading awareness, alongside assisting and empowering members.

“Our mission is to assist our members with professional development, as well as empower them,” Jodoin said. “Even though this is more about spreading awareness, specifically from women that are in the workforce, this is open to anyone regardless of major gender identity. We don’t discriminate here.”

Jodoin attributed her motivations for organizing this event were a lack of representation of women in technology, but also mentioned careers in technology are still obtainable for non-information technology (IT) or computer science majors.

“When I declared my major in management information systems (MIS), I realized there’s somewhat of a lack of representation in the technology world on the female side of things,” Jodoin said. “So really, my primary motivator was trying to find those connections that are involved in the technology space, [to] show that this is still a good career path if you find the right company.”

Participants of this panel event can better understand careers within this company. In addition, Judoin states this event can show students some possibilities for future career paths.

Since many members of Women in Business are freshmen and sophomores, this event will be great for them to see possibilities in technology fields as they continue to decide what careers and industry they’d like to pursue.

Jodoin states all Women in Business events, including this one, are available for anyone to attend.

“Regardless of their major — if they’re from the School of Engineering and want to come, if they don’t identify as female, they can still come. It’s just our speakers and events are generally more about spreading awareness for women in the workplace, but anyone can come.”

For those interested in attending this event, visit GrizzOrgs.