TOP 10 reply-allmailgeddon 2014

10. Alivia Gappy – I think this is the most interesting thing that’s happened to OU all year.

9. Alexia Atkins – can we just continue this? It’s like having real friends

8. Anthony Weed – So did anyone actually take poor jasmine’s survey rofl

7. Spiro Zaraovski – Leave me some parking tomorrow, will ya guys?

6. Peter Behnke – (sent the entire transcript of Leo Tolstoy’s  War and Peace)

5. Issa Fakhouri – Do you guys ever lay on the kitchen floor and pretend you’re a carrot?

4. Haley Gernert – (See photo above) (Also many Rick Astley trolls)

3. Mario Adam – Before you guys unsubscribe, I’m looking for a cute girl that passed by me at the OC on approx. 2:45 by Subway. Lemme know

2. Tyler Broussard – Anyone interested in an old microwave I have for sale? A gift any student would appreciate. 

1. Niahl Sheena – EVERYONE FOLLOW MY DOG ON INSTAGRAM @baron_sheena