My top reads of February 2022


Photo courtesy of Goodreads

“Cinderella is Dead” by Kalynn Bayron

D'Juanna Lester, Arts Reporter

February was a great month for new books, especially for the fantasy genre. From starting series that are already out, to fantasy debuts, this month has been very exciting for reading. With my book count for the year reaching 33, let’s take a look at my top reads for February 2022. 

“Cinderella is Dead” 

Kalynn Bayron, you have created a hit. This has been a constant reread for me. It’s one of those must-finish-in-one-sitting books. For one, Sophia Grimmins in the Black Young Adult (YA) protagonist I wish I had when I was younger. The world-building in this story is so unique, especially as a twist on the Cinderella story. Filled with crazy twists and amazing characters, everything feels new and fresh. It’s such an original story that makes me want Bayron to rewrite other famous fairytales. 

Rating: 4.5/5

“The Kiss Quotient”

A New Adult (NA) romance exploring autism in females? Yes, please! I was scared that this book was “overhyped,” but it deserves all the hype it gets. Helen Hoang’s book explores the character Stella Lane, an autistic woman who struggles with romance. We see her point of view (POV), as well as that of Michael, her love interest. If only all men could be like Michael. The book discovers the struggles of dating within the autism community in a way that’s raw and relatable. 

Rating: 5/5 

“Wings of Ebony”

How does someone write a complex, heart-wrenching story in the span of a month? Ask J Elle. Her story is the pinnacle of taking your childhood experiences and turning them into a powerful story. Covering topics like racism and police brutality set in a cross-dimensional fantasy world is not easy, but Elle does it brilliantly. With diverse, intriguing characters and a world that feels like our own, but still remaining authentic, Elle’s story feels like something many Black readers need — a story about finding your own power. This is a story so beautifully written that I finished in barely two hours. 

Rating: 4.5/5

“Rule of Wolves”

Leigh Bardugo and the Grishaverse hold a special place in my heart. “Rule of Wolves,” the latest book in the series, ties together so many plots from the previous six. Getting to see so many fan favorite characters and how their stories blend together is what makes this book so memorable. This book has several POVs, but manages to tell a cohesive story. While some POVs feel less necessary than others, they’re still interesting to read. Also, that scene destroyed me, and I’m still recovering. 

Rating: 4/5

“Blood like Magic”

A unique blend of science fiction and fantasy. Characters who feel authentic, not like carbon copies of the forbidden love trope. Strong leads who make you feel what they’re feeling with beautiful storytelling. There is so much to talk about with Liselle Sambury’s book. Blending the high tech sci-fi elements with the magical fantasy elements is a difficult feat, and she does it flawlessly. With the task to kill her first love, we’re taken on a journey of sacrifice with Voya that rips readers apart. 

Rating: 4/5