5SOS’s ‘CALM’ is turning two and I’m not calm


Photo courtesy of 5SOS

It has been two years since 5 Seconds of Summer released their fourth album, “CALM.”

The beginning of March officially marks two years since Australian band 5 Seconds of Summer (5SOS) released their fourth album, “CALM.

With the band dropping their new single “Complete Mess” on March 2, let’s go song by song to commemorate the end of the “CALM” era. 

“Red Desert”

THIS is how to open an album. The harmonies alone make this one of the best songs in their whole discography. Ashton’s drumming! This song is the kind that gets you pumped for the day. The band members themselves have joked about how this is their best song. 

“No Shame”

The first verse just does something to me. The way Luke’s vocals transcends you into the chorus is something so powerful. A callout of celebrity culture and the music industry in a song so catchy? No wonder the upcoming tour is called the “No Shame” tour!

“Old Me”

The nostalgia. The lyrics. Older fans of this band definitely sobbed to this one. The lyrics talk about the personal growth of the members, connecting their past to their present selves. “Shout out to the old me, and everything you showed me. Had to fuck it up before I really got to know me.” Come. On. 


The song that started it all for this era. Luke’s falsetto. The beat. The push and pull scenario of a relationship? The bridge of this song is the best part, and it hits Every. Single. Time. There’s a reason it’s so popular. 


There’s a reason this is one of their most popular songs. Hello, the vocals! The lyrics! Whenever this song comes on, it makes me want to sing along to it. 


Best song on the album. Calum solo song? Check. Gorgeous harmonies? Check. I’m convinced this would’ve been the song of the summer if it wasn’t released in March. Two years later and it’s still my most listened to song on Spotify. Luke’s “I’ll tell you what I like.” I have no shame in saying I will be screaming that when I see them in July.  

“Best Years” 

Wedding. Playlist. Song. Enough said. 

“Not in the Same Way”

Most. Underrated. 5SOS. Song. “I love you, you love me, but not in the same way!” Besides describing my love life to a T, this song is so catchy, it’s insane. “Hurricane (insert name)” — one of their best lyrics.

“Lover of Mine”

The piano. The chorus. Ashton’s insane drumming building up in the second verse. The heartwrenching lyrics. Tell me this doesn’t belong in a rom com movie soundtrack! 

“Thin White Lines”

“I don’t think I like me anymore, can someone tell me who I was before?” is their most underrated lyric. The entire song is underrated, really. 

“Lonely Heart”

This song has their best bridge, and that’s not a debate. The high note on the last “heart.” For a while, this was my favorite song on the album, tied with “Wildflower” and “High.” 


The perfect album closer. After wrecking our hearts for 35 minutes, why not end with the album’s saddest song? “I know I’ll never meet your expectations, but the picture that you paint of me looks better in your mind.” This is the perfect cry song. 

I can’t even rank the songs from 12 to 1 because they’re all so good that they flip flop between which I like best. It’s unrankable. Their range and diversity from each track is what makes this album so special. 

Rating: 5/5 stars