SPB’s Creole Night celebrates Mardi Gras with food and music


The doors opened to the sound of a rockin’ zydeco band as Creole Nights got underway in the Banquet Rooms on the evening of Monday, March 10. The event was put on by the Student Programming Board, who styled the event in a Mardi Gras-like fashion.

SPB Special Events Director Darnell Gray was responsible for creating and directing the event. He said he was very happy with the event’s success.

“I feel this is one of the best turnouts this semester,” Gray said as he watched the band play. Gray said that he wanted this to serve as a type of apology to those who had been looking forward to the Annual Spring Concert scheduled for April 11, which was cancelled two weeks ago due to a scheduling conflict on headliner Jason Derulo’s part. Gray said that it was also a theme that was close to his heart.

“Mardi Gras is one of my favorite times of the year,” Gray said.

The room was draped in green, purple and gold, which are the traditional colors of Mardi Gras. There were Deep South-inspired dishes, such as red beans with rice and gumbo.

The most sought-after food, however, turned out to be the king’s cake. According to Mardi Gras tradition, a small figurine of a baby is baked into the cake, and the person who happens to receive the slice with the figurine in it wins something.

Gray announced that two figurines were hidden among the six cakes being served that night, and the people who found them would win a flat-screen TV and a pair of Beats headphones.

Jordyn Mitchell found the first baby and won the TV.

“I’ve never won anything when I do lotteries, so it’s very exciting to me,” Mitchell said.