Student Video Productions gives students experience in film, media creation


Photo courtesy of SVP on GrizzOrgs

Student Video Productions is open to any major, allowing students to gain experience and knowledge in film, media creation and content creation.

Student Video Productions (SVP) is a student organization helping students gain experience within the film industry, media creation or content creation — and is open to any major. SVP also creates shows and films, which are uploaded onto OU TV and YouTube. Some of their films are even submitted to film festivals.

SVP is currently finishing up a short film they worked on last semester called “Bobbi & Clive,” which will be released in mid-March. Two more new shows will be filmed and produced this semester, as well, called “In A World,” a variety type show, and “Kalliope’s Creations,” a make-up show.

Vice President of SVP, Danielle Parker, said the organization for anyone who wants to get involved in video content creation or media creation. The organization is also willing to do podcasts — anything that’s appealing to students.

“The purpose [of SVP] is just to get people involved,” Parker said. “Sometimes it’s really hard to get your foot in the door, especially in the film industry. Some people don’t know where to start, and we’re the people you start with. We just want students to get involved.”

Event Coordinator and an actor within SVP, Phillip Christiansen, discussed what he has learned since joining the organization.

“[I’ve gained] a deeper knowledge of how productions work,” Christiansen said. “[For example] — what it’s like to be on set, what each of the individual roles are and how it’s just a really in-depth level of teamwork. Not one person can really get it done themselves. You have a team of people who are all knowledgeable in their own thing. Learning all those different aspects has been really helpful and beneficial.”

Christiansen mentioned SVP is a great resource for students interested in film. There are also benefits in being able to use the rental equipment for uses outside of the organization, since members have rental privileges for all equipment.

The entertainment aspect of SVP is also a benefit of joining.

“What we do is make entertainment videos that we can [release] on OU TV and things like that,” Christiansen said. “So I think those are the big two [reasons to join SVP]. We can help teach people about the filmmaking they’re interested in, [but also] the equipment and the entertainment side of it.”

SVP does not assign specific roles that members have to stick to. Everybody can experience all of the roles in this organization while also specializing if that is what they desire, whether it’s camera work, sound equipment or lighting.

Editing is one of the more challenging aspects in SVP as it is an independent study, Parker explains. Spreading out the knowledge and having a collaborative effort can help.

“We try to be like, ‘Hey, I learned this neat little trick, do this next time because it saves time,’” Parker said. “But yeah, anything that one person knows, we try to make sure everybody’s filled in about it.”

Parker mentioned making and meeting friends is one of the most valuable aspects of joining SVP.

“It’s going to sound cheesy — but I think that one of the most valuable things somebody who joins SVP can gain is friends,” Parker said. “That’s the way that the world works. You need to make friends to be able to operate in society now.”

Technical knowledge is another thing students can gain from joining SVP. Additionally, students can learn about rights to use music, how to market yourself on social media and how to edit effectively.

Parker also highlighted the importance of connections saying, “if you don’t have the right connections, you’re just on your island, and it takes a lot longer, takes a lot more effort to get somewhere.”

The SVP office is located in the basement of the Oakland Center near The Habitat and Grizz Den. Meetings are held every other Thursday from 3:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. in Room 125 of the Oakland Center (OC).

Students looking for additional information can visit GrizzOrgs or email [email protected], and, check out the SVP portfolio, OaklandSVP.