One last swing

Dave Cesesfke

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uring the last four years, Oakland University has been home for senior woman’s golfer Kassandra Komma, but after this year is complete, Komma will be returning to her native country of Germany to reunite with her close family.

Growing up in Germany, athletics were always a part of Komma’s life and she credits her father for her love of the sport. 

“When I was 11, I was playing soccer, I started swimming as well, and soon later I picked up golf when I was 12 with my Dad, whose been playing for around 30 years,” Komma said. “We would go to the range together and he got me a swing coach, he got me into the game.”

Komma has experienced success at every level with golf, in high school she earned the title of team MVP on the golf team where she spent one year at Neshoba Central High School (Philadelphia, Miss.) in the foreign exchange student program.

“I was the only girl on the golf team, I had fun and it was a good experience,” she said.

The transition from high school to college has been a very successful one to say the least for Komma, who is coming off a school-record 221 at the Central District Invitational tournament this year in Lakewood Ranch, Fla. The tournament featured the best field Oakland has ever played against, with  six teams in the top 55.

“I just tried to have fun out there, being in Florida where the weather was nice, getting out of this weather especially, I had no expectations,” Komma said.

Komma’s resume at Oakland has been very impressive and the record is very fitting for someone who has also recorded two back-to-back holes-in-one at Sharf Golf Course on campus. The demeanor of Komma has remained the same through her success. She has stayed humble throughout her accomplishments and credits her coach, Russ Cunningham, for her success.

“Ever since Coach Cunninham came in he started working with me on my mental game, which is a really big aspect in golf, and even when I was in Germany I never put a lot of practice in mental game, if you go on a course and you’re not mentally ready then your swing doesn’t even matter,” she said.

Now in her senior year, Komma has remained focused and poised to have a successful season.

“When I started my senior year I didn’t really think about it being my last year, I’m just trying to have fun and enjoy the company of my teammates while I’m still here,” Komma said. “Four years with a team is a long time, you get to know everyone really well and spend so much time with each other, and I’m just trying to enjoy my time while I’m still here.”

Coming to Oakland for Komma has benefited both the school as well as her experience, an experience that happened by fate.

“I actually never visited when I committed to OU, I looked online on the tour and at the campus and though it looked nice and had a nice community around it,” Komma said.

This was a decision made by a quick glance that proved to be a perfect match for both the school as well as the athlete, and now school record-holder.

The game of golf has played a big role in Komma’s life, especially at the collegiate level and has taught many lessons along the way. 

“The game has taught me definitely to be patient, and you can’t push anything,” she said. “If you push things just like on the course you tend to make mistakes.” 

With the end of a collegiate career in competitive golf coming to an end, a new beginning starts. Komma plans to get into graduate school in Germany upon graduation at OU and hopes to get her PHD and work out of the country  afterwards.

 “I’ve been away from Germany for so long that I kind of got use to it,” she said.

While excited for the future, Komma also admits she will also miss many things.

 “The tight community on campus, everyone knows everyone as far as athletes go, also my team and the atmosphere, it’s like a small family, it’s a family away from your family,” she said.

The Golden Grizzlies will be on the golf course again March 17-18 as they compete in the Jackrabbit Invitational at the Primm Valley Resort in Nevada.