Get funky with SPB’s Silent Disco 3.0


Maggie Willard

2019’s Silent Disco in the Oakland Center.

Listen to music and showcase your dancing abilities at Silent Disco 3.0 — presented by the Student Program Board (SPB). At the Silent Disco, attendees are provided wireless headphones controlled by DJ’s, and participants can navigate the stations to the music they desire.

The event is occurring on Feb. 22 and will take place in the Oakland Center Ballrooms A and B from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. This night will feature three DJ’s and a dance-off with speakers awarded to two dancers. One DJ will be provided by WXOU, while Degy, an entertainment company, will provide the other two.

“Music tastes vary widely across a lot of graphics and genres,” Kaleigh Belz, annual events director of SPB, said. “Having three different stations that everyone is able to tune into means they get to pick and choose what they want to listen to.”

Matthew Murray, mainstage director of SPB and organizer of this event, mentions “Silent Disco 3.0” is a way to bring students back together following the shutdown. Since there has been a limited number of people on campus, the campus community can gather and display their funky side.

“It’s a great way to get back together,” Murray said. “With the shutdown and a lot of people not being on campus this year, it’s a great way for all different students with a lot of different tastes in music to come together and get groovy, get funky [and] get down with it. It’s just great to get back together with people. It’s the best part about being on campus.”

Belz said the memories and experiences will be a takeaway from this event, as well as interacting with different types of music and experiencing new situations.

“The memories and the experience [will make it worthwhile],” Belz said. “Also, the ability to interact with different music. Some of the time, it’s just putting yourself into a situation that you haven’t experienced and having a good time.”

SPB’s goal is to bring students together from different backgrounds to have fun.

“What we end up getting out of it is the opportunity to bring people together,” Murray said. “That’s very important here, that’s kind of our role, that’s our job to bring a lot of students together from different backgrounds, and so that’s our biggest takeaway. So we can have a lot of fun while we’re there to bring people together.”

Murray is excited to see how groovy students can get.

I think it really is a better aspect of understanding how groovy people can be in the Oakland Center,”  Murray said. “That’s an excellent takeaway.”

“Silent Disco 3.0” is open to all students who want to experience it. The event is free, and no sign-up is required as students can come and go as they please. For future SPB events, check out GrizzOrgs.