Student lands lead role in upcoming sci-fi thriller



akland University senior Revon Yousif landed a lead role in ‘2101,’ produced by Seasik Productions and directed by award-winner Kyle Misak.

The film is scheduled to be released in May 2014. The science fiction/action thriller follows the journey of Shia(Yousiff), and his two friends after they discover a pyramid that holds information about the future. Shia along with his friends must figure out how to use the information, while keeping it out of the wrong hands.

 “Shia, is based off Shia Labeouf’s character in ‘‘Transformers,’’ ‘‘Eagle Eye,’’ and ‘‘Disturbia,’’ all those characters put into one,” Yousiff said. I love Shia, he makes it so believable and when they began explaining the movie I got so excited.

As an actor, Yousiff aspires to do the same as Labeouf and create a real experience for viewers.

“You have to step out of you as a person and put yourself in the shoes of this character,” Yousiff said. “In order to get mad or sad I tap into a lot of my past experiences. The older I get the more experiences I have to motivate me.”

 “He has great potential to make it somewhere in the business, it just takes a while to build yourself and not miss the right opportunity,” Curt Howe, Yousiff’s agent said.

Yousiff first considered acting in the ninth grade when a teacher called him charismatic and went on to say that it was a trait most actors have.

“Ever since then acting is what I wanted to do,” Yousiff said.

“Hes very inspiring. He knows what he wants and he’s not afraid to go for it he’s an inspiration in that way he’s very motivating,” Ashley Abbod, friend of Yousiff said.

Yousiff was contacted by the producers of ‘2101,’ and initially thought the e-mail was spam mail. After consideration, Yousiff decided to set up a meeting and listen to what the producers had to say. 

Yousiff has been an extra in ‘‘Scream 4,’’ ‘‘LOL,’’ ‘‘Five Year Engagement’’ and ‘‘Vamps.’’ He also received lead role in a 2010 production called ‘My Boo,’ and ‘Good News,’ which was produced in 2012.

After graduation the communications major plans on moving to L.A. to continue his acting career with friends from OU.