Posties predict the Super Bowl champs


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Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford (pictured here) spent 12 years as a Detroit Lion.

The Oakland Post Staff

Somehow it’s already Super Bowl time, with the big game taking place this Sunday, Feb. 13. Here’s who the Posties are banking on to take home the title of 2022 Super Bowl Champions.

Matthew Scheidel, Sports Editor — Rams

I want the Bengals to win. They’re such a likeable team. But I don’t think their offensive line will be able to hold up. They gave up nine sacks to the Tennessee Titans in the Divisional Round, and now they face a vaunted Rams front four led by Aaron Donald. They’ve been proving everyone wrong all season, but I think the clock is about to strike  midnight on this Cinderella story.

Lauren Reid, Content Editor — Rams

Being a fan of Matthew Stafford and all he’s done throughout his career — on and off the field here in Detroit during his 12 years with the Lions — I’d love to see the Rams win this one. Considering how much they gave up to get Stafford in the first place, this would be the ideal ending to a storybook season for the Rams. With star receivers like Cooper Kupp and Odell Beckham Jr., and a defense led by Aaron Donald, the Rams are equipped with all the tools they need. And it can’t hurt playing the big game in your home stadium.

Brock Heilig, Sports Reporter — Bengals

For me, this one is nearly impossible to predict. On paper, the Rams are a better team. However, I find it very hard to bet against Joe Burrow. No quarterback has ever won the Heisman Trophy, a national championship and the Super Bowl. And here Burrow is, just one game away from winning all three in just over two calendar years. If the Rams win, it will be the perfect ending to one of the best stories in recent NFL history. But sometimes winners like Joe Burrow get in the way of destiny.

Tori Coker, Marketing Director — Rams

This year’s game is already shaping up to be incredible for two reasons — it doesn’t have any of the usual names in the lineup, and it’s truly anybody’s game. On the one hand, it would only make sense for the season the Rams have had to end with this win — and plus, seeing Stafford with a ring after all those years stuck on the team-that-shall-not-be-named would just be wonderful. That said, I feel like the Bengals have such an endearing underdog quality to their team going into this — they’ve defied so many expectations of them, they beat what was the best team in the AFC, and not only have they never won a Super Bowl, but they haven’t even been to play since the 80s. My gut is telling me the Rams are gonna secure themselves a homecoming victory — but above all, I’m just enthusiastic about the overall novelty surrounding this whole matchup.

Jeff Thomas, Editor-in-Chief — Rams

A hugely significant game for both franchises and two quarterbacks looking to cement their place in NFL history. The Bengals are desperate to finally bring a championship home to Cincinnati after decades of irrelevance, and the Rams have mortgaged their future to build this roster and win now for L.A.. This is Matt Stafford’s chance at redemption and Joe Burrows’ chance to standout in a crowded field of incredibly talented young NFL QBs. Honestly, I can’t pick against Stafford. The man is perhaps the most naturally gifted quarterback of his generation and he spent the prime years of his career in NFL prison playing for the Lions. Playing in the Super Bowl, he has the opportunity that Lions’ greats like Barry Sanders and Calvin Johnson never had to solidify his legacy and prove that he’s a champion. The Bengals are tough, no doubt. Joe Burrow is a beast. If it were anybody but Stafford playing QB for L.A., I’d be inclined to go with Cincinnati’s hot hand in this game. At the end of the day, I know in my heart that I gotta ride with Stafford. This is probably the closest I’m ever going to get to being able to root for the Lions in a Super Bowl. Call it naive, call it overly sentimental, but that little kid in me who supported all of those god-awful Detroit Lions teams over the years needs this win. I’m riding with the Rams and hoping like hell that the greatest QB in Lions history shines on the biggest stage in American sports this Sunday.

Leticia Santos, Ads Assistant — ?

I am here to represent those that, like me, do not have enough football knowledge to actually make a prediction (I know you are out there). But hey — we’re still here! One thing we can predict, the Super Bowl always gives us a lot to talk about! Whether it’s about the game, the cool public relations effort brands put together, or the halftime show… the Super Bowl always brings a lot. I’m very excited about all of it! 

Joe Zerilli, Senior Reporter — Rams

If you would’ve told me 10 years ago Matt Stafford would be a Super Bowl contending quarterback, I would absolutely believe you. He was and still is a top of the line QB who never had a shot with us because, let’s be honest, the Lions were never going to do much with him because they didn’t trust him. After playing under three different head coaches with the Lions, Stafford, a year after he was traded, won the AFC Championship and will now lead the Rams to a Super Bowl victory. On paper, the Rams have the better team with their defense led by arguably the best player in football, Aaron Donald, and the offense has been unstoppable with triple-crown winner Cooper Kupp — plus Cam Akers’ return was nothing short of jaw-dropping. Don’t get me wrong, Joe Burrow and the Bengals have been spectacular and any other year I’d wish they would win, but I can’t bet against Stafford — he’s too close.

Brandon Sams, Distributor — Rams

Although I think the Bengals do have the potential of winning this game, the Rams have absolutely everything going for them. They have an impactful offense led by former Lions QB Matthew Stafford, an aggressive defense led by Aaron Donald and Von Miller and home field advantage. The Bengals are a great team but have weaknesses within their team, specifically the o-line. If the Bengals want to win, they have to improve the o-line. However, I don’t see a drastic improvement happening by Super Bowl Sunday so I think Matthew Stafford will win with the Rams, and every Lions fan will feel proud to see Stafford win.

Joe Popis, Senior Reporter — Rams

I want the Rams to win, and I believe they will. I have always been a big Matthew Stafford fan and loved him in Detroit. It’s his time to win one, and he’s been playing very well the whole playoffs. On the other hand, I do like Joe Burrow and the Bengals. What they have done this season has been amazing. They were one of the worst teams in the NFL not too long ago, and now they are in the Super Bowl. However, I think Stafford is the superior quarterback, and the Rams have a better defense. I don’t see the Bengals offensive line handling Von Miller, Leonard Floyd, or Aaron Donald. I also believe Sean McVay is a better coach than Zac Taylor. I’m with the Rams all the way here.

Gabrielle Abdelmessih, Campus Editor 

What football game? I’m just here for the commercials with puppies.