‘And Just Like That…’ was a Manolo Blahnik pump that didn’t quite fit


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“And Just Like That” is out now on HBO Max


“And Just Like That,” the chaotic, confusing and sometimes charming Peloton ride of a television show, has finally come to an end.

Like many fans of the original groundbreaking nineties hit television show, “Sex and the City,” I was ecstatic to hear a HBO Max reboot was in the works. As a twenty-something self-proclaimed Carrie/Charlotte hybrid with a growing vintage shoe collection and her own newspaper column, how could I not be?

The fan base it created never left after the last episode aired in 2004 and only continues to grow. People demanded to see more, so much so that the leading ladies reprised their roles in two successful films.

You can’t scroll through Instagram without seeing episode clips or pictures of the eclectic fashion. There’s even an account, run by Lauren Garroni and Chelsea Fairless, that strives to document every outfit worn in the series (@everyoutfitonsatc).

It’s like a trip down 90’s fashion memory lane and more, with hilarious commentary and niche references. Cast members like it too, with actors like Sarah Jessica Parker (Carrie Bradshaw) and Kristen Davis (Charlotte York) adding the occasional comment and like. The account was so successful, Chelsea and Lauren decided to expand their platform and make a podcast in which they analyze the series, among other topics related to fashion and pop culture. It is one of my favorite social media accounts and I adore the podcast. Their takes on the reboot are worth the listen. It’s like chatting over cosmopolitans with friends.

It is no question that, especially after the last two years, people were ready to see their favorite characters again after more than a decade — well, most of them.

Kim Cattrall, who played the fabulous PR executive Samantha Jones, decided not to reprise her role, leaving fans wondering how her exit would be addressed. Other plotlines — especially after paparazzi shots taken during filming — were widely speculated upon, too. Twitter had a lot to say!

In Dec. 2021, the first episode aired and viewers finally got a glimpse into the current lives of Carrie, Charlotte, and Miranda — and were met with an almost immediate and answer the question on everyone’s mind, which happened to be asked by a fantastic OG series side-character, Bitsy Von Muffling: Where’s Samantha?

The answer? Disappointing and not something the loyal Samantha we all know and love would do. I’m sorry, but I do not believe Samantha would move across the pond over Carrie firing her as her publicist. Is she working with Annabelle Bronstein in London? While she does communicate with Carrie via text throughout the series, often with some of the most well-executed and witty “lines,” her presence was sorely missed.

Oh yeah, and Mr. Big dies from a heart attack in the first episode following a Peloton ride. His death was heartbreaking but could have been prevented. Call 9-1-1, Carrie! Call 9-1-1.

After the tragic loss of Mr. Big, the rest of the series focuses on Carrie grappling with her grief. Miranda has A LOT going on, including dating Che Diaz, the first nonbinary character in the Sex and the City universe, and Charlotte’s plotlines only seem to revolve around her family.

We’re also introduced to new additions to the friend group: LTW, Nya, and Seema. I loved all of them, and wish they had their own series. I’m manifesting Seema’s boss energy for myself in my fifties.

This was not escapism I think a lot of people were hoping for. It was often melodramatic and muddled qualities of characters in ways that didn’t always make sense, that should have been better executed in the writing. There were moments of this series that were great, but they were only moments.

The OG series had plenty of transgressions against people of color and queer people that “And Just Like That” seemed to want to correct, but didn’t get quite right. Was it the mess that was “Sex and the City 2?” No, but as someone of North African descent, I can tell you that’s a pretty low bar.

One thing I absolutely loved about “And Just Like That” was getting to see some of the iconic wardrobe pieces from the original series. The episode where Carrie re-organizes her closet was my favorite. I don’t know about you, but eating Jiffy Pop in vintage Versace sounds like a dream.

I couldn’t help but wonder, will “And Just Like That” take us out for a second season? We better not be told no via a Post-it.