Explore business majors, minors and career paths on Feb. 9


Maggie Willard

Elliott Hall is home to the Oakland University School of Business.

The School of Business Administration is hosting “Explore Business Pathways” on Wednesday, Feb. 9 from 5 to 7 p.m. for students interested in acquiring more knowledge on business majors, minors and future career paths. The dress code is business casual, and the event will take place in Oakland Center Gold Rooms B and C. All majors are welcome, with the main focus on business majors and minors. Dinner will also be provided.

“I would say it is really for students to learn much more in-depth about each of the majors and minors,” Debbie Lengyel, director of advising services in the School of Business Administration, said. “It’s really casual, and it’s free-flowing. They can ask questions and come in and find out. We have employers there as well with the faculty. Then also, student organization representatives [will be in attendance], so [attendees] can find out from each perspective what you can do with the major — what skillsets and what is the career path for that major. It really comes down to defining ‘Is this what I really want to do?’”

Students will be able to meet with professionals within their field of interest. In addition, various opportunities will be offered —  such as learning about career paths within the majors, identifying hard and soft skills needed for success, grasping projected job growth and networking with faculty and students.

“There’s going to be a representative for every business major,” Denica Holzworth, academic advisor and events coordinator in the School of Business Administration, said. “So for every single major, there are different sessions so that every session will have a faculty member, an employer and a current student in that major.”

The confirmed represented companies are Comerica, BorgWarner, Shift Digital, Sedgwick, General Motors, FANUC America, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and UHY Certified Public Accountants.

The team of employees, faculty and students will answer questions about topics including career paths, continuing education, leadership, professional organizations and the student viewpoints on each major.

The ability for students to make connections is an important aspect of this event. Employers will discuss the jobs they offer and skillsets they are in search of.

“The connections [attendees] make there are really important from a career side,” Lengyel said. “Listening to the employers talk about what types of jobs they offer, or somebody with a major in whatever — I think it can be really helpful for students. What kind of skillsets they’re looking for, what are good classes — that’s really important. Those are some great things from students, but really the connections from faculty and with the employers [is valuable].”

Student organizations on campus also allow for individuals to learn more about major options. In addition, these organizations allow for a greater connection.

“We tell our students we have very active major student organizations and [getting involved is] one thing that they should do, you know that’s really important,” Lengyel said. “That’s where they can find out much more about the majors, other students that are involved in the majors, faculty are involved, etc. It just gives them a much deeper connection.”

Students will be able to learn more about the specifics regarding electives in their major, as well. They can talk with faculty and learn more about what electives might be good for them.

Register via Google Form at Explore Business Pathways. Walk-ins are also accepted.