Fashion House presents Stomp the Runway, unites local fashion supporters at OU

By Kailee Mathias

Stomp the Runway, presented by Fashion House of Oakland, generated a crowd that filled the Gold Rooms and featured local designers.

Courtney Hopkins, founder of Fashion House, said she plans to expand the Fashion House and make it a state-funded organization.

“It feels good to see crowds come out and see my vision get supported,” Hopkins said.

Hopkins was inspired to bring fashion to Oakland University after creating an online boutique, My Era Apparel. This boutique features clothes that Hopkins selected from vendors in California. She recently brought in more clothes for the fashion show.

“You have to design a website, get promotional items such as flyers, know what’s going on in the industry, attend events so you can get to know people in the industry and look for different vendors,” Hopkins said. “It’s a lot of researching and networking.”

Hopkins said that social media plays a key factor in generating a crowd at her events. Fashion House can be found on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

“I’m a marketing major here at Oakland University so I know how to attract customers,” Hopkins said. “I constantly post on social media – I may take over your timeline every now and then.”

Enjoy Detroit

Networking and connections are also what allowed the Fashion House to connect with various designers. The show featured eight different clothing lines: S.R.V.C Clothing, Francesca’s, Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry, LaVas Couture, Enjoy Detroit, My Era Apparel, Rock Star Chic Clothing and F.S.C.L Clothing.

Enjoy Detroit, one of the designers featured, was created by David SBOY (Successful brothers of youth) Woods.

“Our clothing line is more than a brand – it is a movement,” Woods said.

Enjoy Detroit works toward uniting the community in various ways; mentoring kids, feeding the homeless and participating in local events, like Stomp the Runway.

“At the fashion show we spoke to every clothing line, there wasn’t any competition,” Woods said. “We just congratulated everyone on their clothing lines.”

Their main goal is to revitalize the community they live in. They are located in Greenfield Plaza in Oak Park, Mich.

“It allows us to stay humble and we love to give back. It’s a movement aiming to get people to come together,” Woods said.

Anyone interested in becoming involved should e-mail [email protected] or [email protected].