Postie Perspectives: How to keep your summer fun, safe and healthy

School’s wrapping up, but a lot of Oakland University students will still be attending summer classes.

But for those persons who won’t be attending summer classes, you’re left with tons of time and opportunity on your hands! Here in the Rochester and Rochester Hills area there are tons of ways to kill time and congregate with good friends. Basking in the soon to arrive summer sunshine and warmth. Watching the night elapse and the morning commence. This is what summer is all about right?!

If you agree, you are partially correct. While the summer brings great times and great friends together for one epic microcosm of fun, it also brings binge drinking, nasty diets and sometimes danger! Lets chat briefly about how to stay safe and physically active as school closes for the summer.

I totally condone partying! Please, exercise your right to congregate! Most times it’s just what we all need to unwind! Getting around good friends and good vibes can relinquish all stress prior to, but understand there is a right and wrong way to have fun.

We’ve all gone out to an event where there might have been some drinking and some mischief. As these things unravel, a more lugubrious plot could begin to manifest.

It’s always good to remember your surroundings and those persons in your group when at an event. Bad things don’t just happen in bad places. One should always remember this.

Just because the Rochester area’s crime has been notoriously lower than other neighboring cities, does not give one the right to shun plausible danger. Drunk driving accidents and deaths are very real. Shootings and fires are very real. These and many other bad things can happen when you least expect it. With that being said, have fun responsibly. Always have a designated driver and surround yourself with good people with high scruples. If you have a bad gut feeling about an upcoming event and you know the crowd there is going to be more rowdy than you like; follow it. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Sorry, didn’t mean to strip the party scene of its wild strong absinthe of fun, but I care about my fellow Grizzlies whom I know live close to OU and also everyone! Be safe peeps!

Now, whats the summer without the outdoors? Lakes, creeks, fishing, barbecuing and picnics – you name it and the summer’s got it! I say that to say this; soak up as much of it as you can! Bring plenty of sun screens, protectants and water wherever you go because this summer you are gonna take it up a notch! Whilst battling long summer nights and working ridiculous hours at your employer, you’ve got to fit some physical fitness in there somewhere.

A quick mediator in the struggle of staying healthy in the summer is getting outdoors and getting active. Set aside a few evenings a week, two or three tops, to maybe take a walk for a mile or two in your neighborhood. Bust out that rusty bike in the garage, or grab your family dog or siblings and go to the park for a hour. Make being active fun and your body will take care of the rest!

Eat a nice big breakfast in the morning and reduce this meal’s size a third as you make your way through your other meals of the day! Ease up on carbonated beverages and indulge in what your body needs: water! Places like Stoney Creek recreational park, Paint Creek running trail and Oakland University’s mass of acreage are great places to walk and explore!

So get out there and have fun but do it safely!

This post was contributed by Intern/Weekly Blogger Bobby Boutin.

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