Letter from the editor: How you are our most important reader

Dear reader,

This edition of The Oakland Post that you hold in your hands is the final one for the regular academic year. 

From the mysterious retirement of Oakland University President Gary Russi to the coldest winter Michigan has ever seen, this year The Post has striven to keep you informed about what’s happening around OU.

Because of this, we want to thank you, whether this is your first copy of The Post, or the one-thousandth. Knowing that our articles make an impact on our readers keeps us going.

Right now, we are simply college journalists. We use The Oakland Post as a learning experience to better ourselves and to prepare for the future. We learn about what our audience wants here. We learn our ethics here. And we experience our war stories here.

Our production days last from about 9 a.m. until typically 2 a.m. We really do spend that much time in the basement of the Oakland Center, putting together these 20 pages. We’re here at the crack of dawn and we’re here when everyone on campus is asleep.

We often make the trek from The Post to the parking lots deep in the night, crickets chirping, those creepy, motion-detecting lights going off when we get near, and of course seeing the occasional inebriated wanderer lurking in the darkness.

Usually we have school in a few hours, but we don’t mind. We work this hard for our audience.

Many of us have dreams of writing for larger publications and The Oakland Post serves as a stepping stone that will reach us to new heights. 

Without your support and your feedback, we wouldn’t be able to reach these heights. We wouldn’t know where our potential stands.

A new era for The Oakland Post is dawning. Our new editor-in-chief Oona Goodin-Smith and our new managing editor Kaylee Kean are prepared to work around the clock to bring you your news.

And it’s not just them. Our staff is comprised of more than 30 students, chomping at the bit to write meaningful articles.

They want to take The Oakland Post to an entirely different level. 

They plan on boosting our social media coverage, writing more substantial content and increasing the activity on our website, oaklandpostonline.com.

They cannot do this unless people like you, the people who read The Post, interact with us and tell us your thoughts. How can we improve? What do you want to read about? What do you think of your student newspaper?

We want to know. After all, you are the person we write for.


Thank you,

Scott Wolchek




If you would like to join The Oakland Post staff on our journey of journalistic excellence, now is the time to apply. Send an email to 

[email protected]