Posties share their holiday film favorites

With winter break finally upon us, we’ve compiled the Posties must-watch holiday film favorites. You’re sure to enjoy your well-deserved time off watching these classics with a cup of hot cocoa.

“Klaus” — Leticia Santos, Ads Assistant

My list of Holiday favorites is an ever-growing list, but my last addition to it was the animation movie, “Klaus.” “Klaus” gives you a new, yet lovely, version of Santa Claus’ origin. It was so exciting to identify Christmas’ classics embedded into the story.  Kindness, growth, changes, adventures and friendship are some of the many elements of this story that catch you from beginning to end. This animation took me back to my childhood watching movies in the afternoon. While you laugh, you get emotional watching Klaus and Jesper transform “the unhappiest place on earth” gift by gift and letter by letter. A heart-touching story, beautiful and cute graphics and an incredible playlist make this story my most current holiday favorite.

“Serendipity”— Gabrielle Abdelmessih, Campus Editor

As The Post’s self-proclaimed romantic comedy expert, I can attest that some of the best films of the genre revolve around the holidays. “Serendipity” is no exception. I’ve written about this before, but the chemistry between Jonathan and Sara will make you believe in destiny — if only for one hour and thirty-one minutes. At this point, I am tempted to wait in the gloves section of a crowded upscale department store and hope for the best.

“A Miser Brothers’ Christmas” — Ryleigh Gotts, Distributor

One of the holiday movies I cherish is “A Miser Brothers’ Christmas” — and for a good reason. As an older sister, I can’t help but watch how Snow Miser and Heat Miser feud and ruin Christmas, only to realize it was all a misunderstanding and work together to bring it back — it reminds me of me and my own younger sister. Not to mention the musical numbers in the movie are phenomenal and nostalgic, a must see movie especially if you have siblings!

“Home Alone” — Sarah Gudenau, Features Editor

When I was a kid, I wanted nothing more than to be as clever as the iconic Kevin McCallister. Setting up booby traps to take on the bad guys? I don’t know about burglars, but I could definitely pull some of those stunts on my older brothers. You’re sure to learn a thing or two about wreaking havoc when you’re home this holiday season from “Home Alone,” but beware if you watch with kids…

“The Polar Express” — Lauren Reid, Content Editor

As I ~age~, this movie randomly affects me on an increasingly deep level. There’s absolutely no way I’ll ever be able to watch without frantically looking for a bell and ramming it into my ear to make sure I still believe in Santa. Also, the emotional rollercoaster involving that moment on Santa’s sleigh with the first gift of Christmas — so sweet and endearing — subsequently being ripped apart by the hole in the pocket, and then tied back together at the end is just pure brilliance, you know? And yeah, that annoying kid on the train? Unfortunately for me, that’s probably what my offspring will turn out like.

“Merry Christmas, Drake and Josh” — Carolina Landeros, Graphic Designer

What better way to celebrate the holiday season than to combine the best TV show and the best holiday? The iconic sibling duo, Drake and Josh, never fail to make me laugh, and this movie is no exception. It brings a sense of nostalgia to me everytime I watch it, it’s like living in the 2000s all over again. It provides a feeling of both giving and being grateful through the holiday season, which is what Christmas is all about.

“A Year Without a Santa Claus” — Bridget Janis, Managing Editor

The claymation movies hold a special place in my heart and have this specific holiday feeling that you can’t get from any other movie. The appearance of Heat Miser and Snow Miser and their collaboration on a song gets me in the perfect holiday spirit every time, because I am like Heat Miser, hot. This movie can hit every emotion in one hour long film, with the song “I’ll Have a Blue Christmas” making me feel sad every time I hear it. While I prefer the warm weather, this film makes me appreciate living in Michigan and having the opportunity to play in the snow. The Christmas spirit that is spread throughout the town in this film makes me want to create that scenario in my own city, which I don’t think would be impossible to do. #TeamHeatMiser

“Die Hard” — Joe Zerilli, Senior Reporter

While it may not be like your typical Christmas movie, “Die Hard” is considered by some a certified Christmas classic. The story follows a man, John McClane, whose Christmas party gets rudely interrupted and he must save his family for Christmas. What better way to spend the holidays than with family? Plus, John’s wife has a Christmas-y name in Holly and it even snows in LA, which hasn’t happened since 1962. Whether or not you classify it as a holiday movie is for you to decide but it’s worth the watch either way: If not you could always just watch National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.

“The Chronicles of Narnia” — Noora Neiroukh, Photographer

The winter scenery, storyline, soundtrack and incredible ending make this one of my favorite winter movies. Yes, the White Witch is terrifying, but she’s generous enough to offer Edmund Turkish delights, so I would be lying if I said I wouldn’t be lured by that too after eating bland British food my entire life. This is also one of the few adaptations that in my opinion is better than the book(s), featuring a so-called “Father Christmas” who brings the children gifts in the middle of an ice tundra dressed in medieval clothing (not very Christmas-like of him, but ok). All in all, a classic winter watch.

“The Holiday” — Katie Reid, Distributor

Jude Law. That’s it. But in all seriousness — I love the vibes, the casting, the happy ending and the overall warm feeling I get while watching this movie. The cozy English cottage (cottage core for life) that Kate Winslet lives in is everything I have ever wanted. I’m not going to lie, sometimes while watching, I get so jealous of these lives that I have to pause the movie and think over my own — sad, lame, suburban — life. Also, I am constantly surprised by John Krasinski’s cameo even though I’ve seen this movie countless times. Okay — but back to Jude Law, let’s unpack him in glasses…

“‘Spongebob Squarepants’ – Christmas Who?” — Matthew Scheidel, Sports Editor

Every year around Christmas time, my sister and I will go back and watch the original Christmas episode of “Spongebob Squarepants” [not the newer, awful claymation episode]. We just have so much nostalgia for this episode from when it would be on TV Christmas morning when we were kids. Plus, the song still slaps to this day. In fact, that’s probably the biggest reason we go back to this episode.

“Last Christmas” — Rachel Yim, Senior Reporter

“Last Christmas, I gave you my heart.” If you watched this movie, you know what I’m talking about — when I say this, I meant the literal meaning. This movie has the biggest (could also be the worst for some) twist I’ve ever seen. Despite the twist, the soundtrack by George Michael, the absolutely beautiful and festive scenery of London and a strong message about the appreciation of life and to consider the less fortunate people during the holiday seasons provides a great Christmas vibe and brings warmth to its audience. Therefore, definitely worth watching!

“A Charlie Brown Christmas” — Christian Tate, Sports Reporter

A venerated Christmas classic and one of my all-time favorite pieces of media Christmas or otherwise. This special walked so all the other Christmas specials could run. There’s a reason it gets played every year despite being nearly 60 years old. The Peanuts’ holiday specials never missed, and they really knocked it out of the park here. A definite 10/10 will forever watch again!

“The Santa Clause” Series — Tori Coker, Marketing Director

This trilogy encompasses the perfect balance of humor and heart to settle you right on into the holiday spirit. My family has a tradition of playing at least one of these films in the background of our gift exchanging, so growing up, most of my Christmas mornings were spent reveling in the film’s surprisingly dark explanation of how the role of Santa makes its shift, sharing in Scott Calvin’s annoyance toward Dr. Neal, and harboring a confusing and barely justifiable childhood crush upon Bernard the Elf. The third installment in the series was actually the first film I ever saw in theaters — so Rotten Tomatoes reviews be damned, I have cherished memories surrounding all three of these movies.

“Elf” — Elizabeth Foster, Graphic Designer

It actually wasn’t until maybe five years ago that I actually watched this movie, but ever since it’s been one of my favorite Christmas movies ever. It is just a classic that myself and my family watch several times every Christmas season. This movie manages to balance comedy and the heartfeltness of the storyline all throughout the film. From the cheesiness of Will Ferrell’s curiosity and naiveness, to Zooey Deschanel’s charming nature, this movie is a highlight for me and my family during the holiday season!

“Dr. Seuss’ How The Grinch Stole Christmas” — Jeff Thomas, Editor-in-Chief

Jim Carrey is like a father to me…lol jk…but I do really like Jim Carrey. I just wish I could do with my face the kind of things that he does with his face. With how focused grouped and public relations heavy media is nowadays, I think he’s probably the last truly openly strange leading man that we’re going to get in Hollywood. His stretch of movies from the early 90s to the mid-2000s is just an unassailable filmography. And of the iconic characters that he’s portrayed, the Grinch is certainly on that list. I loved this movie as a kid. Yes there’s humor, but the emotional core of the film is rock solid. I think the story of an outsider being welcomed in and shown the meaning of true Christmas spirit is beautiful and wholesome. I look forward to rewatching this movie after finals.

“National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” — Amelia Osadchuk, Photographer

I LOVE National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. This movie is absolutely one of my favorite holiday films. The story alone is funny, but the characters make the mayhem hilarious! Clark Griswold is the all American dad and husband trying to create the perfect holiday for his family.  However, in this version of a classic holiday story, things just won’t go as planned. Between the arrival of Cousin Eddie and his sewage, to the dog chasing the squirrel through the house, to the obnoxious light show that causes a power outage, Clark just can’t get a break! I feel that we can all relate to the effort of trying to make the holidays the best they can be, but things may not go as planned. What is truly important is being together with the ones we love.