Winter Grizz Fest to showcase student involvement on campus


Photo courtesy of Office for Student Involvement on GrizzOrgs

Student organizations participate in the 2021 Fall Grizz Fest (pictured here).

The annual Oakland University Winter Grizz Fest is kicking off on Tuesday, Jan. 11, and Wednesday, Jan. 12 from 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m on both event days.

On Tuesday, Jan. 11, the event will occur in the Banquet Rooms of the Oakland Center (OC). Organizations participating on this day include: fraternity and sorority organizations, Student Activity Fund Assessment Committee (SAFAC), various OU departments and offices and preferred vendors.

On Wednesday, Jan. 12, the event will take place in the Founders Ball Rooms of the OC. Organizations tabling on this day will encompass various student organizations and club sports. Other organizations expected to attend are academic organizations, Undergraduate Healthcare Leaders, Neurology Club, Chess Club of OU, Improv of OU and faith-based organizations.

Winter Grizz Fest is organized by the Office for Student Involvement (OSI). They are striving to have 100+ tables at Grizz Fest while still being COVID-19 cautious.

“We want students to have the full college experience even if they are living at home,” Stephanie Jurva, OSI assistant director of student programs, said. “So that way, they can get involved in different student organizations. Some are academic, some are just plain social for fun — for example, we have club sports, and we have fraternities and sororities. So, we have a wide range of things. Whatever people have an interest in, they can find a way to meet other people with the same interests.”

It is immensely important for OU students to get involved with the university outside of class, especially with OU being a primarily commuter school, where it is very easy for students to just go to class then go home. Joining organizations allows students to become more marketable, meet new people, expand their horizons, improve their resumes and gain new skills.

“I know we’re mainly a commuter school, but that involvement is absolutely critical,” Jean Ann Miller, OSI senior director, said. “All of these involvements will enhance their skill level, leadership level and also their resume. You need to get the full college experience, and being involved is the full college experience — even for commuter students. You also get connected to the university you’re going to. You’re enhancing whatever you’re learning in the classroom.”

There’s a lot students can gain from attending this event. They can see what organizations have to offer as well as what they can bring to the table. Students have a wide range of opportunities to become involved, have fun, attend exciting events and meet new people.

“It shows students that there is a lot of organizations on campus,” Jennifer Yetter, OSI programming assistant, said. “Getting involved is easy. Just by going up the stairs to the ballrooms, they can see that we have a ton of student organizations on campus.  They definitely can find a good one to join. It’s a lot of fun, and hopefully, Grizz Fest will give them a little taste of all the cool activities we do in our office and everything.”

The organizations tabling at the Winter Grizz Fest will display what their organization is all about. As a result, they can grow their participation in events and gain more members in general.

“Hopefully, they’ll gain more participants in their organization and everything,” Yetter said. “Get a wider pool of students who want to participate in events and their actual organization. With students organizations, they’re always looking for new leaders to take on when the seniors end up leaving and stuff. I know for a fact that our student organizations are hungry for more students to participate in what they’re doing and be members of their organization.”

It is important to note the Winter Grizz Fest is open to all students no matter class standing. Upperclassmen are highly encouraged to attend this event as it is never too late to get involved.

For student organizations looking to participate and table at this event, visit Winter Grizz Fest 2022.