GSC creates activity to break down stereotypes, taboos and discomfort


It’s often considered inappropriate to ask another human being whether or not they’re gay, but in the Fireside Lounge Tuesday afternoon, the Gender and Sexuality Center put together an event to dismay the taboo.

“Guess Who’s Gay” was the name of the event. It consisted of five volunteer panel members that allowed other students to ask questions that would help the guesser determine whether or not they were: gay, lesbian, bisexual, ally, queer, trans or other.

The questions ranged from “Who do you admire most?” to “What would you rather play with, cars or Barbies?”

“It’s an adapted program from other colleges,” said GSC Coordinator Grace Wojcik. “A few of us do them across the country, it’s meant to break down some stereotypes and get people to start having those conversations.”

Of the five volunteers, the students managed to guess two of the sexualities correctly, but the event was not about being right. It was something more than that.

“It creates a fun and relaxing environment by encouraging people to ask those stereotypical questions so people can put the gates down,” volunteer Justin Schnurer said. “If you really have a question and you don’t know whether it’s offensive or not, this is the time to go ahead and ask.”

Danielle Turner, another volunteer, expressed that it was a way to spread awareness and help people when they may not know what to say.

One of the audience members expressed that he was uncomfortable labeling the panel members, which helped open the eyes of some spectators.

The event wanted to show over everything else that people shouldn’t have to be labeled, but just accepted as human beings above any sexual orientation standard some might hold.

Kara Leslie is a graduate from Oakland, but returned for graduate school and to volunteer for the event.

She is often called a “fem lesbian” because of how she dresses or looks.

“I think events like this are very important for the LGBT community, we do stereotype as a society and by having these events, it really puts the face to the name,” Leslie said. “Everybody doesn’t fit into a certain box.”

The GSC organizes events often and has a full lineup for students to attend throughout the coming week including a drag show April 10, Pride Prom April 12 and Lavendar Graduation April 13.

To become involved in the GSC, email Grace Wojcik at [email protected].