Perspective: Annie Meinberg, next year’s Student Body President

As the Winter 2014 semester comes to an end, and you all begin your summer journeys, I would like to leave you with a reflection on the past semester and past couple weeks as newly-elected Student Body President for the upcoming summer and school year.

I have never felt more humbled to take on such a role that allows me to represent and speak for the students. Liz and I decided to run for president and vice president because there were things we wanted to change, improve and implement. Tying in our Oakland knowledge, experience and passion, we took student concerns and developed solutions.

On Monday, April 14, 2014 our Executive Board went up for approval by the Legislature. All nine positions have been approved and next meeting is when the environmental, health, and wellness director will go up for approval. This new position is an appointed position that will be part of the Executive Board. We are extremely excited to begin work with this new position. We have gotten nothing but positive feedback from students, faculty and staff! We have ideas for events to promote awareness, as well as initiatives we would like to see throughout campus. Being a new position, this allows the director to lay the groundwork and set the standard for future directors. The environmental, health and wellness director will hold a committee, and we strongly encourage students to get involved with this committee! Being it the first year with this position, the director will greatly need input from other students!

Liz and I are 110 percent dedicated to the Oakland University student body and while working on our projects, we urge students to approach us with their own ideas! We are ultimately here for the students and we take pride in being present on campus to address any student concerns!

I would like to thank my family, friends, and those I have met at OU these past two years that have been strong role models for me. I wouldn’t be here without Liz, and for that, I am honored to serve the student body by her side.

Oakland University provides unique opportunities for students to find what they are interested in, and to run with it. To the students that have not engaged with campus life, and have yet to feel a connection, I have been there. My advice? Step out of your comfort zone, take pride in being a Golden Grizzly, and explore the campus – I’m positive you will find something that draws you in! I did, and it was the best thing I have ever done! Be sure to work hard, have fun and leave your legacy.

It’s a great day to be a Grizzly!