Grizzlies for Choice enhance students’ sexual education


Photo courtesy of @ppgaou on Instagram

Members of Grizzlies for Choice — a new organization on campus and chapter of Planned Parenthood Generation Action.

Joseph Popis, Sports Reporter

On Tuesday, Nov. 9, the Grizzlies for Choice student organization hosted a sex ed trivia night for OU students. Participants played a game of Kahoot with questions reloving around sex education. All of the questions were informative, with everyone learning something new. The top three winners of the Kahoot game received goodie bags.

The trivia night event offered a welcoming and lively atmosphere to all who attended. Everyone was in good spirits with a friendly attitude. Upbeat music was played that lit up the room. Pizza was offered to all, and people got to know each other through fun ice breakers.

“We really wanted to bring a wider education and more widespread information to the students of OU,” Katie Kraemer, vice president of Grizzlies for Choice, said. “This could help them in the future or just to have a little fun fact in their back pocket.”

Grizzlies for Choice is a new organization on campus that is a chapter of Planned Parenthood Generation Action. Grizzlies for Choice aims to educate individuals on sex and reproductive health and provide resources for them. The purpose of this sex ed trivia night event was to bring more information to OU students about sexual and reproductive health.

“Grizzlies for choice is a chapter of Planned Parenthood Generation Action,” Magdelene Rose, president of Grizzlies for Choice, said. “We are a student advocacy group here on campus fighting for reproductive health and rights for all. Also, to stop the stigma on campus on things such as abortion and birth control. We want to make it more comfortable to talk about sex.”

Attendees of trivia night were able to connect with others and the members of Grizzlies for Choice. They were also able to learn new things about sex education that furthered their knowledge of topics covered at this event.

“They got lots of good information, a lot of good facts about sex and sex ed,” Kraemer said. “They were introduced to a community of people with the same beliefs and ideals as them. Hopefully, if they come back, they will have easier access to the resources that we try to provide as an organization. And the resources that planned parenthood provides overall.”

Various important concepts were covered at this event. As a result, participants were able to have a fun experience while taking away a lot from this night.

“The biggest takeaway from the event was information literacy and knowing that you can advocate for yourself,” Kraemer said. “You know how your body works, and being able to maintain a conversation or have a better education on anything relating to sex or sex ed will help people make a healthier relationship with themselves and others.”

When it comes to misconceptions regarding sexual education, there are plenty. Unfortunately, even college students can fall victim to misconceptions regarding sexual health and reproduction.

“The biggest one that we want to work on is combatting that birth control can affect fertility in your future,” Rose said. “It has no bearing on fertility in your future. Once you’re done with it, it’s done.”

Furthermore, the Grizzlies for Choice organization will continue to work on combatting these issues. They plan to have more events in the future. For more information on their upcoming events, visit