Postie Perspectives: Annual Electronic Entertainment Exposition to start June 9

The annual Electronic Entertainment Exposition, also known as E3, is set to start in a few weeks on Monday, June 9 in Los Angeles, California. E3 is best known for the announcement of numerous new video games and other technology-related developments throughout the entire week it runs. Major developers around the world head to E3 to reveal new projects and invigorate fans with shocking events.

Like in recent years, the main presentations will be streamed online through gaming websites across the Internet. Microsoft, Sony, EA, and Ubisoft will each be streaming their respective conference live on Monday, June 9. Microsoft will kick off the show at 12:30 p.m., EA will follow suit at 3 p.m., Ubisoft at 6 p.m., and finally Sony will finish the daily conferences at 9 p.m. Each conference lasts anywhere from one hour to three hours.

For the second year in a row, Nintendo will not be attending this year’s E3, instead opting to perform a “Nintendo Digital Event.” Nintendo will be streaming a pre-recorded presentation on its website where it will announce new games and developments in the spirit of E3 while not being there. The Nintendo Digital Event will occur during E3’s week on Tuesday, June 10 at noon.

Outside of the core conferences, a large number of independent game developers and other leading competitors in the industry will attend the conference as well. A large show floor of developers in small booths with work-in-progress versions of their games is a primary force for showcasing less popular titles. Reporters from across the globe attend to try out the builds of the games in order to preview the games for the viewers.

In the past, E3 used to be open to the public. Recent years have seen the exposition move to a closed-doors system, where only those with connections to the video game or entertainment industry are granted entrance. While no exact reason has been given, the years prior to the change saw an enormously large number of people attending the exposition, causing the show floor to become overtly crowded.

All in all, this year is sure to be a promising event. Microsoft has told its fans that it plans to do something “never seen before.” Sony plans to reveal more on its virtual reality headset, the Oculus Rift. Nintendo is bound to surprise fans with a new Mario or Legend of Zelda title. And of course, hundreds of other developers are sure to reveal countless interesting games!