Postie Perspectives: A healthy, active and safe summer

Summer fitness blues?

Looks like summer is peaking its nose out at us. This past weekend many of our families have had cookouts for the first time this year, taking advantage of the warmer weather wherever possible.

As you may already know, I’m a go-getter, and I’m taking you all with me to the top this summer! What’s got me so amped up? Staying determined through the summer to stay active can be very tedious. I’m not some neologian, so nothing I’m saying is new. I’m just on your team. And as a team, encouraging one another when we feel lazy or down is a commitment.

I say that to say this: don’t get let down when you don’t reach your physical fitness goals. Make your goals simple. Work your way up the intensity ladder of your workout. Slowly increasing workout intensity limits what experts call “over-training.” This is overloading one’s physical capacity, not allowing for appropriate recovering periods and limiting sequential exercise bouts. Remember, our goal this summer is just to stay healthy, active and safe.

I know it can be hard sometimes to plan days to exercise. This often is the hurdle that limits most persons to very little physical activity. If you struggle with finding time to workout, I advise you weigh yourself and focus on maintaining that weight.

Incorporate a clean diet into your summer, working out when you can. Whether that’s once or twice a week, none at all one week and starting again next week. Whatever the cadence in your workout habits, try to remain focused on eating smaller portions and more times through the day. Eat clean and fresh dishes. Fresh cucumber and tomato salad with your favorite dressing is always a tasty snack between meals, servicing that early morning hunger with a small cup of cereal and two percent milk.

The above are small implementations which can help you move slowly and steadily towards a healthier summer. Incorporated are my words of fortification while on this mission.

Always remember it can never hurt to make healthier choices. Understand that sometimes, actually a lot, you are going to make mistakes. What’s important is that you remember and correct that mistake in the future.

Being healthier is simple, easy and fun! It improves your quality of life, but most of all, you can do it all while enjoying your summer!