Postie Perspectives: Ridiculous news of the week

Postie Perspectives: Ridiculous news of the week

Kaseb Ahmad

Macklemore wears fake nose, fake beard, and fake hair claiming it was not meant to be a Jewish stereotype

♫ And I can’t change, even if I do sing about LGBT rights, even if I wanted too. ♫

♫ My love, my love, my love, is for racist depictions, of “hedonistic Jews.” ♫

I feel like I have been ragging on celebrities a bit too much for the past few weeks. When your life is put in the public eye, it becomes difficult to escape scrutiny. We have the luxury of remaining anonymous as we criticize Jennifer Lawrence’s privilege behind the screen of a computer (which is a privilege also by the way).

For some reason, we care about what celebrities have to say on certain subjects and get angry when their opinions don’t conform to our own. When Justin Bieber says that he “wishes Anne Frank should have been a Belieber,” we get in a tizzy for some reason, as if that comment should be taken seriously (I am not defending Bieber’s asinine comments, just pointing out how insignificant they are).

Why do we care so much about what they have to say? They aren’t leading authorities on the subject, and in all likelihood all their responses are practiced beforehand to get a certain public response.

But that’s what makes this so interesting. We are reveling in how pointless this all actually is. These people are irrelevant in every way other than how they entertain.

However Macklemore is a bit different. He has made a name by making his entertainment political. He is about inclusiveness. We know that he is at least trying, at least for sexual orientations; race is a bit too far off for him to broach the subject.

At a certain point, however, things can get a little out of hand. That’s where I come in. I want you to know the important things. How culture dynamics are shifting because of a “train selfie,” how the world of pop will be forever changed because Solange attacks her less famous sister’s husband, and finally how racist depictions of Jews aren’t actually racist because Macklemore said so.

Macklemore appeared on stage with a black wig, a huge nose, and a giant fake beard. It is pretty clear how this outfit could possibly tick some people off. How you can apparently miss the giant Jewish stereotype you are wearing is beyond me. He said that it was meant to be a “random disguise.” Yea, ok friend. The fact that in the picture posted above he is singing “Thrift Shop” doesn’t only add insult to injury, it adds insult to amputation.

Macklemore is a leader in standing up for the little guy. This is what makes this display so heartbreaking. Was he really standing up for the little guy or was it just a political move? Either way, it definitely had a positive effect but now, he just doesn’t seem all that cool.

Sometimes, satire can be effectively hilarious. I would know, I crack myself up all the time. But if you are going to something this stupid, at least own it. Make it the most offensive, racist, over-the-top performance possible so there is no ambiguity about it. At least then, we don’t have to deal with a sugar-coated, unaware form of racism.