On-campus job fair to offer employment opportunities


Photo courtesy of Tori Coker

Career Services hosted a job fair on Nov. 9 in the Oakland Center. Students perused on-campus job opportunities.

Joseph Popis, Sports Reporter

Students interested in expanding their horizons and pursuing new job opportunities on-campus are in luck.

On Tuesday, Nov. 9 from 11:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., Career Services is putting on a job fair — offering all sorts of different on-campus job opportunities students can apply for. The event will take place in the Oakland Center Banquet Hall rooms A and B.

Many different on-campus departments will be attending to promote their department’s offerings further. Some of these departments include: Oakland Center Operations, Career Services, Center for Multicultural Initiatives (CMI), the Tutoring Center, University Housing, Admissions, Office for Student Involvement (OSI), among others. Departments will be hiring for fall 2021, winter 2022 and the 2022-2023 school year.

The job fair will have representatives at tables discussing information about their department. Complimentary snacks and food will also be provided.

Working an on-campus job offers many benefits and opportunities for OU students. It allows students to gain experience, expand their network and meet new people. On-campus employees are also able to feel more involved in the campus community. The flexibility of on-campus jobs is another benefit, as university employers know students’ studies are the top priority.

“The benefits of working an on-campus job are the flexibility of hours, leadership and extending your network,” said Kiley Kallenberger, coordinator for orientation and new student programs at OU. “Many off-campus jobs can’t always be accommodating of college students’ schedules, and on-campus employers understand students are students first.”

The departments attending will also experience benefits. Employers have the opportunity to showcase what they offer to students, and the positions they have available.

“We hope employers tabling at this event will meet students looking for employment — including work-study eligible students,” said Kallenberger. “Many employers are still looking for students to fill their positions, so we hope everyone attending the event will benefit.”

The on-campus job fair is not operating the same as the traditional job fair event. For example, formal dress attire is not required for this event. Attendees are encouraged to “come as they are.”

“We really wanted this event to be more of a ‘come as you are’ event,” said Kelly Dorner, director of internal operations at Career Services. “We want this to be very open. One of the things  we are trying to do here is to be as relatable and acceptable to students as possible —  part of that means a ‘come as you are’ approach.”

As far as preparation goes, students should keep an open mind and have curious questions to ask departments. Of course, having an elevator pitch doesn’t hurt either.

“Students should definitely have questions to ask,” Dorner said. “An elevator pitch is also a good thing to have, as it is simply an intentional way to introduce yourself and really describe who you are in terms of your name, your major and what you bring to the opportunity you’re considering.”

Following the job fair, Career Services will be hosting several workshops throughout November. These workshops will help students fix their resumes and polish up their interview skills.

“We really want to work with students throughout their entire cycle of development at Oakland University,” Dorner said. “Students should not feel intimidated, come as they are, learn about what is out there and take the steps afterward to prepare themselves before they submit their resume for an opportunity.”

To register for this event, visit Career Service’s Handshake page.