AAUW organizing Oct. 30 walk for breast cancer on campus


Photo courtesy of AAUW on Facebook

OU’s chapter of the American Association for University Women (AAUW) is hosting a walk for breast cancer on Oct. 30.

On Oct. 30, there will be a walk for breast cancer on campus. This event is presented by OU’s chapter of the American Association of University Women (AAUW).

According to their website, “AAUW advances equality for all women through advocacy, education, research, and philanthropy. The goal is to promote awareness, intellectual growth, community leadership and the advancement of women.”

The walk-on-campus event will run from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. and is open to all OU students. Participants will meet at Elliot Clock Tower and are required to wear pink clothing of any type.

“We are hoping to raise money for breast cancer research through this event,” said Secretary for OU AAUW, Amanda Pordon. “We will be donating the money collected for the event fee, as well as collecting money through OU’s marketplace system for those who participate in the event but would like to help out.”

There is a $10 admission fee, with all proceeds going to the American Cancer Society — a volunteer organization that strives to help individuals with the many difficulties of having cancer.

Students can pay upon arrival or donate digitally on OU marketplace.

According to cancer.org, the American Cancer Society’s goal is to help as many people with cancer as possible. They take action to learn all there is to know regarding cancer and distribute that knowledge to the people who need it to ensure that individuals with cancer have the best chance to live a prosperous life.

Breast cancer survivors and participants can benefit from this walk in various ways: it is an opportunity for these women to come together and share in the experiences they have had, and there is also a sense of community and bonds that form when participating in these events.

“I would say breast cancer survivors essentially gain a new community of people,” said Maya Ford, president of OU AAUW. “[A] sisterhood would be a better word for it. You get to know more people and meet lots of other people that have been through the same experiences you have — being able to converse and share your experiences that you are not alone.”

COVID-19 guidelines will be enforced throughout this event. Safety is of top priority to ensure everyone is following the rules and everything is running smoothly. The AAUW plans to impose the same safety protocols they used in the previous year.

Masks are mandatory for this event. In the previous year, the group was split up into smaller groups as to minimize the chance of clumping together. The same plan is set to be in place for this year’s walk.

Donations are still welcome for this event even if one cannot attend. The goal is to bring women together and raise money for research.