Postie Perspectives: This week in music


By Sean Miller

What’s New in Music:

In the music industry, Tuesdays are usually devoted to album or single hit releases. Singer-songwriter, Jason Mraz has gone one step further for his upcoming album Yes!, which is set to release July 15.

For the past couple of weeks and leading up to the release, anyone who pre-orders the album via iTunes will get a new song every Tuesday. So far five tracks have been released and each one differs but is a traditional Mraz song all the same.

“Love Someone,” the first single off the new record, is full of acoustic strength from his guitar. The opening is simple but leads to a slowly evolving song and chorus. The lyrics “when you love someone,” are backed by a choir, reminding us that we aren’t alone in this world and giving the song a sort of bubbly, happy feeling.

“Hello You Beautiful Thing,” is a Jack Johnson-esque tune with its own personality. It’s a very laid back song about the pleasures of life and how “it’s going to be a good day.” Another typical Mraz song, it offers a happy message with delightful acoustic strumming and vocals stacked to bring perfect harmony to the song.

“Long Drive,” is simply about a long drive. The song opens with a simple lick that opens into Mraz explaining his adventures while he is “taking the long way.” The song opens up a little bit as Mraz sings about his love and how he would rather take the long way so the two can get lost together in happiness. A simple backbeat keeps you bobbing your head while his voice calms you down until the soothing tune slows to a halt.

“Three Things,” is an explanation about the three things Jason Mraz does when his life falls apart. It’s an optimistic song letting us know that “things are looking up.” The song is a simple reminder that even though you may be having a bad day, tomorrow is a new one. Just by trying again and again, you can make the life you want to live.

“Back to Earth” is just another reminder to Jason’s fan base that he is a self-proclaimed hippy and Earth lover. The end brings a group chant backed with a choir explaining that Mraz is “going back to the earth.” Overall it is a great song with powerful lyrics to those that look into them.

Take time out of your busy day to relax with a few new songs off Jason Mraz’s album. Do you like them? Are you looking forward to the upcoming release of Yes! on July 15? Let us know in the comments below.