Theatre professor Mila Govich performs in “The Fault in Our Stars”

Next time you go to the movie theater, look for a little Grizzly gold on the silver screen. That’s right, Oakland University professor and special lecturer Milica “Mila” Govich stars as “Mrs. Waters,” lead “Augustus Waters’” mother in John Green’s hit novel-turned-summer blockbuster “The Fault in our Stars.” The Oakland Post sat down with the Birmingham resident to discuss her career, plans, and role in the film adaptation of the New York Times best-selling novel.

OP: What story of yours has not been told?

MG: Well, I lived in New York for 14 years working on Broadway, doing showcases, and picking up parts. I toured in “Hello, Dolly” for a bit, too. I helped to edit and publish textbooks to make ends meet while I was acting. When I married my husband, I moved to Michigan. It’s a pretty cool place to live for an actress since the film industry’s growing around here.

OP: Have you done any films in Michigan?

MG: Through Zach Snyder from The Fault in our Stars, I got involved with the Batman and Superman movies which has been a lot of fun. I’m also working on a film based off a mental hospital in Redford. They use things like immersion practices; it’s kind of scary.

OP: Is this your first time on the big screen?

MG: No, I started doing parts when I lived in New York. My first was in Working Girl with Harrison Ford in the 90’s. I was a secretary.

OP: What do you teach at OU?

MG: Last semester, I taught an on-camera class, but for ten years I taught Theatre 100. One of the things I’m most proud of is that I make all of my Theatre 100 kids write a play for their final. Years later I run into people and they tell me their play was produced. It’s really cool!

OP: Did you announce to your students that you were leaving to film?

MG: Yes.

OP: How did they react?

MG: They thought it was pretty cool. No one knew how big the movie was going to be until this summer, though. The great thing about doing a film based on a novel is that there’s already an audience. I think it also shows my students that an acting career is possible and attainable if they work hard enough.

OP: What are your plans for filming in the future?

MG: I’m not sure yet, but I believe that if you put a lot of energy into something, it generates more opportunities. Hopefully there will be more.